June 23, 2017

ORMUS for Body, Mind, and Spirit

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the ORMUS elements are essential to all life. They are associated with healing, with consciousness, and with life-force energy.  Some people who take ORMUS, in a variety of different forms, report improvements in physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. ORMUS is believed to have been used for these purposes by the ancient Egyptian, Persian, Hindu, and Chinese alchemists; by King Solomon, the Essenes and by the alchemists of the Middle Ages.

ORMUS smallNew Science reveals that matter is light with a lower frequency—it is light that has become solid. Because ORMUS is essentially light, it is matter that has been converted back into light. Some people believe that ORMUS may be the key to stepping into our “light bodies.” Anectodal reports from those who have taken ORMUS include:

•Heightened awareness
•Increased spiritual “connectedness”
•Increased neurotransmitter production
•Dream lucidity
•Anti-aging and cell regeneration
•Accelerated healing

A balanced mix of ORMUS elements made using a variety of ORMUS-rich salts is likely the best approach to taking ORMUS—at least at first. Dancing with Water offers an ORMUS product called Dance of Light, made with a special blend of ORMUS-rich salts from around the world and stabilized with INSAN bamboo salt.

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