April 20, 2018


Dancing with Water

Second Edition

Paperback,  275 pages   $18.99

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Dancing with Water introduces the reader to a variety of products that can structure and energize water.  The products highlighted here are some of our favorites. Some were developed by the authors of the book, others are from a variety of providers.   Introductory Kits are designed to help you get a feel for some of the most basic water enhancements. They are things we use every day.  Other products shown are selections from a wide array of products available through our store. You will find links to the store and to further information, below.

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Introductory Kits

Kit #1

      • 1 lb. bag of Activated Salts (6 unprocessed salts from around the world)
      • Vortex Magnetizer
      • Tensor Ring (1/2 cubit – approximately 3 inches in diameter)

    Introductory Kit #1 includes the basic tools for making simple structured water: a balanced blend of minerals, a Vortex Magnetizer, and a Tensor Ring to support the process and protect/energize the resulting water. Make your own saturated salt solution for structuring/re-mineralizing water with a blend of Activated Salts. The Activated Salt Blend contains six unprocessed salts (Himalayan Pink Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, Hawaiian Sea Salt, French Grey Salt, Korean Sea Salt and Redmond Real Salt).  The Vortex Magnetizer  creates a vortex between two bottles of water. As water spirals through the field-reversing magnetic array in the Vortex Magnetizer, groupings of unorganized water molecules break apart and realign again and again, generating the repeating matrix known as structured/liquid crystalline water. Each time the water spins through the opening, a greater degree of coherence is established. Tensor Rings create a column of energy with the capacity to organize the space within the column. This includes organizing the molecular structure of water. More...


Kit #2

      • 1, 3 oz. bag of Prills
      • 1, 1.5 oz  pouch of ANCHI Crystals
      • 3, 3/4 inch Laminar Crystal Orbs with triskelion imprint

Prills  “loosen” the molecular structure of the water and prepare it for structuring and imprinting. ANCHI Crystalsare tuned to the original life-building frequencies of the Earth. They will structure water and create the ormus state in the elements in water. Laminar Crystal Orbs amplify the electromagnetic field (life force) around water.  They bring structure, energy, and hydrogen to water.  More . . .

Water Vortexing Devices

The WaterFall

The WaterFall is a handcrafted flow form designed by the authors of Dancing with Water.  Made of stoneware and paramagnetic sand, it incorporates golden ratio proportion and is intended to be filled with natural crystals and stones to enhance water’s structure as it flows through the enclosure. Flow forms create the space for water to move freely, creating interacting vortices that encourage  molecular organization and coherence – the way Nature creates liquid crystalline water. More...



Duet Water Revitalizer

Nature uses vortices, electromagnetic fields, and “salts” (minerals in ionized form) to create water’s liquid crystalline state—structured water. The Duet Water Revitalizer uses these same elements by spinning water within a magnetic field while releasing tiny amounts of minerals from the basket in the base of the pitcher. Within 9 minutes, the water is structured and ready for consumption or other energetic enhancements.  Three different time settings allow you to energize your water to a personal level of preference. The Duet automates the process of structuring water so you can focus on enhancing the water when it is structured. The Duet is also a great tool for making ormus. It spins ormus elements (added by including extra unprocessed salts) into their high-spin state for a very lively beverage.  Watch the video.


 Vortex Magnetizer

This simple tool allows you to create a vortex between two bottles of water. As water spirals through the field-reversing magnetic array in the Vortex Magnetizer, groupings of unorganized water molecules break apart and realign again and again, generating the repeating matrix known as structured/liquid crystalline water. Each time the water spins through the opening, a greater degree of coherence is established.  More…



Whole Home Revitalizers

The Plocher® Kat, developed in Germany, brings structure to water via resonance (including the resonances from natural spring water and oxygen) using energy accumulators and imprinting technology inspired by Wilhelm Reich. The unit works without magnetism or electricity and without traditional vortexing, and its restructuring action is permanent. The unit is easily attached to the water line (does not require plumbing ) and is maintenance free.  It can be installed on galvanized, stainless steel, copper or PVC pipes, but  should NOT be installed on lead pipes.  Comes in two sizes – (for apartment or home). Can be installed on pipes from 3/4″ to 2″ in diameter and can revitalize up to 400 gallons per day.  More…


Spiral Pipes

World Living Water systems makes a variety of flow forms that allow the water to move in a natural way through our modern water delivery systems. These beautiful devices are either plumbed into the incoming water line or attached at the point of use. Either way, they dramatically alter the structure of the water and its energetic capacity. More…


Water Cradles

Many cultures (ancient and modern) have used egg-shaped vessels for storing seeds, food and water. Using an egg-shaped vessel allows you to enter a new realm in your dance with water where the dance takes on a life of its own.  The shape of the egg is the 3-dimensional geometry of reception. It is “tuned” to the harmonics of reception and creativity.  The shape of the egg is also the essence of the feminine. In an egg-shaped vessel, water’s receptive potential is maximized. No wonder Viktor Schauberger chose this shape to bring water to its ultimate state of refinement. Ceramic is the best storage material for water. It keeps keeps water in darkness and allows it to breathe. More…

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Salt and Salt Solutions

Bamboo Salt

Bamboo Salt is an ormus-rich, therapeutic salt made in Korea using a process developed over 1000 years ago by Buddhist monks. The Chinese five-element process begins with sun-dried sea salt packed into bamboo stalks. The bamboo is then sealed with mineral-rich yellow clay and roasted.  The process is repeated up to nine times. Each time the salt is fired, impurities are burned off and nutrients from the bamboo and the clay are assimilated into the salt. Repeated firing gathers and concentrates ormus elements. Adding bamboo salt to water releases and stabilizes ormus. Other minerals that may already be in the water are activated and held in a readily available state within the water. More...

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Blue Ocean Minerals

The quality and variety of ocean minerals in precise natural proportion and balance, is far more valuable than man-made electrolyte solutions. Ocean water continues to be an indispensable component of life on this planet. Derived from the pristine waters of the Antarctic region of the Great Barrier Reef, OmniBlue Ocean Minerals contain the full-spectrum of known minerals and trace elements. They provide a balanced blend of salts for your water. More





Activated Salt Blend

Unprocessed salts contain living organic complexes and trace minerals that support the DNA and metabolic functions. Dancing with Water’s Activated Salt Blend  is a unique blend of 6 unprocessed salts from around the world. It is designed both for structuring and re-mineralization of water.   More…

Also sold with 4 oz. dropper bottle for making and dispensing saturated salt solutions.



Energetic Enhancements


Triskelions are ancient symbols with a strong connection to water. Placed in or around water, a copper, silver or gold triskelion raises the vibration of the water. It also creates energetic vortices that bring molecular structure to water. The triskelion can be used alone or in conjunction with other structuring techniques to enhance water’s structure and energetic level. More…

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ANCHI Crystals

ANCHI Crystals naturally balance the living electromagnetic field and protect it from negative influences. These crystals carry some of the Earth’s original life-building patterns with the capacity to impact the organization of the life force in all living things. Initially, they were tested at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia and documented  to influence the molecular structure of water.  Subsequent testing at Penn State University verified these findings.  More…
Sold in 1.5 oz.and 6 oz. blue velveteen bags.

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Ormus Dance of Light 

ORMUS smallOrmus Dance of Light is a concentrated, full-spectrum ormus, activated and stabilized in structured water with 9X bamboo salt, Dead Sea salt ormus dew and a blend of other ormus-rich salts from around the world.  In the high-spin state, ormus elements become highly energized packets of light that are often elusive and difficult to contain. Water provides a structured domain within which ormus will stay as long as it is not exposed to strong electromagnetic fields or to direct sunlight. Adding or awakening ormus in your water not only helps to maintain water’s coherent structure, it has also been reported to provide interesting benefits for mind, body and spirit.  More…




Tensor Rings

Tensor rings create toroidal  fields, much like a smoke ring. The column of energy that runs through the ring has a tremendous capacity to organize the space/matter within the column.  Water that either passes through a ring or sits within a ring, becomes organized (structured). More
Available in 2 sizes

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Laminar Crystal

Laminar crystal excites individual elements in water and heightens their energetic potential. It brings structure, life force, and hydrogen to water. It is ideal when used in combination with ocean salts.  Together, these bring the full-spectrum of life-supporting energies to water.

Laminar Crystal Orbs

Laminar crystal objects (pearls, cupcakes, Cosmic Energy Stones, and our own “Orbs” with triskelion imprint) are formed by mixing ceramic clay with laminar crystal and firing. The resulting product is very resilient and it is similar to the material originally used to encase the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Laminar Crystal Orbs sold by Dancing with Water also contain edible gold leaf (24 carat) for additional energetic qualities that make the resulting water very receptive. More...



Life force is a coherent, organizing energy.  When concentrated using orgonite, it creates a potent energy field. Orgonite is a term used to describe layers of metal and other inorganic materials encased in resin for the purpose of concentraing life force and dispelling negative energy. The term comes from the word “orgone,” coined by Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s.  Orgonite is a modern way of concentrating life force.  Orgonite also structures water; it attracts life force, and it protects/enhances water’s liquid crystalline matrix.

Orgonite Charging Plate

The Orgonite Charging Plate includes a tensor ring (embedded within the orgonite) and a tiny, raw diamond.  Placing a pitcher of water on the plate for several hours (preferably overnight) reorganizes water’s molecular structure and infuses it with life force. It can also be used to charge food, personal care products and other items. More…




Bag of PrillsPrills help water to release old patterns and dense vibrational information by “loosening” the molecular structure of the water. This prepares water for structuring and imprinting. To a limited extent, Prills also neutralize some toxins,  helping to provide a clean “canvas” for the water.  More….




Ceramic Tourmaline Balls

Ceramic Tourmaline Balls are a combination of clay and crushed tourmaline from Brazil. They are fired to provide a homogenous unit (ball) with the properties of clay and tourmaline. Clay is a highly organized, layered matrix that supports water’s crystalline structure. Tourmaline carries far infrared (FIR) wavelengths considered by some to be the frequencies of life. FIR (particularly the wavelengths between 4 and 16 microns) resonate with water. These wavelengths activate water molecules which carry FIR frequencies deep into the body. Tourmaline has many interesting properties. More

Crystals and Stones

We carry an interesting variety of crystals and stones (many mentioned in the book) with an exceptional relationship to water –  for imprinting and enhancing water.

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Hydrogen Enrichment

The Benefits of hydrogen enrichment are numerous. They include documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects,  stimulation of energy metabolism, enhanced athletic performance, improved glucose metabolism, protection against brain trauma and cognitive disorders, and remediation of many age-related symptoms.  Besides more energy and the remediation of symptoms, many people notice greater clarity and focus with regular hydrogen enhancement.

Active H2Active H2

Active H2 is an effervescent tablet for making super-saturated hydrogen-rich water. Each tablet makes 1/2 liter of water with a  concentration between 2 and 4 ppm hydrogen. Visit the store to purchase




PrimoH2Primo H2

Primo H2 capsules are designed to release maximum concentrations of hydrogen inside the body.  Activated magnesium carbonate donates electrons in an acidic environment to release hydrogen. The greater the acidity, the more hydrogen is released. Primo H2 uses the acidity of the stomach to sustain the reaction.

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Crystal Energy

Dr. Patrick Flanagan discovered silica could be made to form tiny molecular cages that would attract and hold hydrogen. He developed several hydrogen-rich products including the liquid concentrate known as Crystal Energy. Crystal Energy is an aqueous blend of silica and other salts. Its addition to water creates a matrix that grabs available hydrogen. It is a powerful tool for the creation of hydrogen-rich water. More…


 Shungite (Elite/Noble)

Shungite is a recent discovery from Russia. The rock is a combination of carbon and silicate minerals. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that it contains fullerenes–the only natural fullerenes on the Earth. Fullerenes are molecular cages formed of carbon. They are the third known crystalline form of carbon (besides diamond and graphite) and were declared by Science magazine to be the discovery most likely to shape the course of scientific research in the years ahead.  Fullerenes in shungite interact with the structure of water to create fullerene-like cages that hold hydrogen and give the rock a very high oxidation/reduction capacity. Water treated with shungite is highly antioxidant.  More…

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Glass Water Bottles

Miron water smallDancing with Water sells a variety of glass water bottles and accessories to keep your water during the day.  More…




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