October 23, 2020

Tribest Duet Water Revitalizer

The Tribest Duet Water Revitalizer automates the process of structuring water so you can focus on enhancing the water when it is structured. Both authors of Dancing with Water use the Duet on a daily basis. It makes structuring water the easiest part of creating full-spectrum living water. The Duet structures slightly over 1/2 gallon of water in just 9 minutes.

The mineral basket in the base of the pitcher  provides ionic minerals, helping to balance water’s pH, while releasing negative ions to lower the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), and far infrared wavelengths that sustain water’s life-supporting qualities. The resulting water is not only structured, it is highly energized. The basket contains the following components:
1.    Prills (made of magnesium oxide and kiln dried). Prills “loosen” the molecular structure of water, breaking  bonds in less organized water in preparation for the creation of the liquid crystalline matrix. Prills also release tiny amounts of magnesium as the water spins. This slightly alkalizes the water and results in a greater amount of both hydrogen and oxygen in the water to be consumed. Read more about Prills.
2.    Ceramic Tourmaline Balls are a combination of red clay and tourmaline from Brazil. They are fired to provide a homogenous unit (ball) with the properties of clay and tourmaline.  Clay carries the frequencies of numerous minerals which are released in the water as the water spins. Clay is also a highly organized, layered matrix that supports the developing crystalline structure in the water. Tourmaline carries far infrared wavelengths considered by some to be the frequencies of life.  Tourmaline has many interesting properties.  It is the only mineral that exhibits permanent electricity, no matter how many times it is cut or broken. This adds the element of piezoelectricity as the water spins—balancing the magnetic forces used to structure the water—just as in nature.  Read more about tourmaline and its influence on water in Dancing with Water and in the article, here
3.    Ceramic Ion Balls are a combination of proprietary minerals and white clay. They release a predominance of  negatively-charged minerals and other ions as the water spins. This provides a more negative ORP—the equivalent of antioxidant water.

The Duet pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic.  However, once the water is structured, it is best stored in glass or ceramic. This will preserve the life of the mineral basket and support the water’s structure for a longer period of time. Water made in the Duet will remain structured for several weeks as long as it is not exposed to microwaves, direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, fluorescent lighting, or other strong electromagnetic fields.

Try placing revitalized water from the Duet in a glass pitcher with ANCHI Crystals, Laminar Crystal Orbs, or other mineral stones. Set the pitcher on a triskelion or inside a Tensor Ring. Place it on the orgonite charging plate, and see how quickly these tools work with structured water made in the Duet.

The following video summarizes testing performed by the Advanced Health Clinic using structured water treated in the Duet.

Read the full report: AHC Duet testing (2)

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*NOTE: The Duet is not a water purifier. Although it will reduce the amount of chlorine and fluoride in municipal water (as the water spins), it is not intended as a water purifier. Use the best water you have in the Duet—filtered, bottled, spring, or other trusted source.