March 28, 2017

Ocean Plasma

OP in MIron2Ocean Plasma Qt_smallOne of the reasons water in the human body is structured is because it contains salts. Salts are an integral part of the water matrix helping to create and hold liquid crystalline structure. Ocean plasma (also referred to as marine plasma) is micro-filtered seawater harvested from pristine areas in the ocean. It is the premier salt solution containing the entire periodic table of elements as well as many elements in their Ormus form (a high-spin state with  unique properties that support the structure and energetic quotient of water). Besides the complete list of minerals, ocean plasma includes DNA, enzymes, proteins, organic acids, and many biological and biochemical factors not yet defined by science.  The geometry inherent in ocean water helps water to amplify and to hold vibratory information better than any other solution. Its significance was discovered and evaluated by the French scientist René Quinton (1866-1925).

René Quinton became interested in the similarity between the oceanic environment and the saline environment within our bodies in the late 1800s. His research verified the similarity between the composition of the ocean and the composition of our own internal fluids. The ocean (in a dilute form) is preserved in the human body. Amniotic fluid is an ideal example. Blood and lymph fluids are also dilute mirrors of the ocean. But perhaps the most important reflection of the ocean within us is the fluid that bathes each cell (called extracellular fluid). Every cell in the body is connected through this fluid.

Quinton’s years of investigation proved that an organism’s survival depends on maintaining the quality of its own internal ocean. He demonstrated that when our internal ocean is restored to its original composition, cells, organs, and tissues respond rapidly. In a number of free clinics throughout Europe and Northern Africa, Quinton and a group of doctors saved the lives of thousands of individuals (mostly children) during the early 1900s by infusing patients with ocean plasma. Records indicate their success rate with a wide variety of ailments and serious conditions was well over 90%.

One of the most interesting experiments conducted by Quinton demonstrated the life-supporting qualities of ocean plasma. He and a team of doctors completely removed the blood from a dog and replaced it with ocean plasma. Following a short recovery period, the dog regained strength and lived many more years—with a rapid improvement in energy and overall health. Read the experiments Quinton conducted with dogs.

Genetic blueprint for life

Ocean plasma is a living matrix containing genetic codes that span billions of years. It can literally ignite and renew genetic potential. Quinton’s work demonstrated that the ocean may be the key to restoring our own genetic blueprint. Many well-documented case studies conducted in  Quinton’s clinics revealed that infusion with ocean plasma had the ability to overcome genetic defects.  The illustrations to the right show a 20-year-old woman with continuous loss of weight for five years, accompanied with daily vomiting, and an absence of menstrual periods. The second photo was taken after 2 months of ocean plasma infusions.


Thousands of children who received ocean plasma in Quinton’s clinics also recovered from diseases and genetic abnormalities.  The 4-month-old baby pictured (left) had severe digestive problems. The second photo illustrates how the same baby was thriving just six months later with the infusion of ocean plasma.




More cases include long-term photographic documentation. According to Dr Jarricot, director of the Quinton clinic in Lyon France:

The very extensive observation that I have personally been able to collect over the past quarter of a century are extremely eloquent. . . I have investigated in Lyon and Paris what had become of the old athreptic cases, those that go back 10, 15 and even 20 years and more. A big surprise awaited me. All these infants lived all these years without any diseases whatsoever. All these tiny humans, with death at their doorstep (because most of our cases were those that had been abandoned and given up as hopeless), all these resuscitated infants found a new vitality that, according to the supporting documents, persisted throughout the years.


Ocean Plasma’s clinical history

  • Ocean plasma has been available for medicinal and nutritional use since 1904—applied by hundreds of doctors in clinical and emergency settings throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.
  • In 1906, seawater was used by D. Robert Simon in the treatment of  tuberculosis.
  • Dr. Jean Jarricot (pediatrician) worked for many years in his dispensary where he treated thousands of children with seawater; he collaborated with Quinton to document detailed therapies and  protocols for nursing children. He had exceptional success with athrepsia (malnutrition) and cholera.
  • Doctor P. Barrière – Bordeau 1907, published a book titled “L’EAU DE MER: en ingestion dans les dyspepsies” (Ocean Water used orally in dispepsia cases) – its effects regarding gastric secretions and urinary excretion.
  • Dr. R. Basser (1953) reported that 70% of his cases suffering from psoriasis, prurigo and neurodermatitis showed considerable improvement when treated with ocean plasma.
  • In 1954 Dr. R. Bench reported good improvement among one hundred allergic patients. He reported the profound effect of ocean plasma on the total organism.
  • Dr. H. Hansche (1957) observed that oral administration of ocean plasma had powerful regulating action on the intestines. He obtained remarkable improvement with many patients suffering from asthma and eczema.
  • Ocean plasma was used by the French Army as a blood plasma replacement for many years.
  • Ocean plasma was officially recognized as a pharmaceutical in Europe for over 80 years until it was removed from the French Medical Dictionary (the French equivalent of the Physicians’ Desk Reference) because it was not heat sterilized. Read a translation of the Dictionnaire Vidal entry, which includes the medical conditions  for which ocean plasma was originally approved.

Quinton funeral

When René Quinton died in 1925, masses attended his funeral services, yet today he is largely forgotten. His name has nearly been wiped from the pages of history. However, his work is re-gaining popularity. In some countries today, seawater is used  as a FOOD — a nutritional supplement. Ocean plasma  has many therapeutic applications the most recent of which is its use as an isotonic dilution (a .9% saline concentration that matches the saline concentration of human fluids) in conjunction with colonic therapy.

Ocean plasma is also the very best way to add salts in the creation of full-spectrum living water, and it is the best way to help water retain energetic information. A structured water solution made with ocean plasma will help water to amplify and to hold vibratory information better than any other solution.

collecting seawater

Collecting seawater in Spain for consumption

How to use Ocean Plasma
• As a salt solution for re-mineralizing and structuring water. (Add 1-2 Tbsp of Ocean plasma to every ½ gallon of water.) The resulting water contains a complete blend of over 80  minerals in their chloride, sulfate and bicarbonate forms. These minerals are often additionally complexed with organic complexes which makes them readily available.  Water structured with Ocean Plasma is able to hold structure longer than water with other salt/mineral blends. It is also capable of holding information to a greater degree than other water.
• For regenerative benefits. Drink 1/4 cup or more each morning – or mix with juice or other beverage.
• As a pick-me-up during the day. Spray under the tongue.
• As a preconditioning treatment for seeds. Spray prior to planting to activate genetic potential, especially if you intend to harvest your own seeds.
• As an energetic enhancement to food. Spray on prior to consumption.

In several European countries (particularly Spain) there has been a revival of drinking ocean water. Many people collect their own and work up to the point where they drink it by the glass. It is also used to cook with.

Ocean Plasma Qt_smallOP in MIron2Ocean Plasma from Dancing with Water  is available in glass bottles in its natural 3.3% saline concentration.  It comes in either clear glass (quart size) or in the Miron violet glass bottle (1 liter).  It is harvested from a depth of 100 feet, 35 miles off the shore of Nova Scotia where the pristine Arctic Labrador current meets the Grand Bank current of Newfoundland.  Ocean Plasma is cold  micro-filtered and ozonated to preserve its living qualities. No preservatives are used.

Miron Violet glass filters out (blocks) the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet rays. It allows the  invisible spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light to penetrate. This unique combination offers protection against the decomposition processes that are promoted by visible light, thus lengthening the shelf life of anything stored within the glass. Placing Ocean Plasma  in a Miron violet bottle is similar to putting it back in the ocean at the depth from which it was drawn  At this depth, most visible light does not penetrate. Be sure and save the bottle to store or carry your water.

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