April 24, 2014

The Poseida Vortexing Fountain

The Poseida is a beautiful and spiritually uplifting vortexing device that contributes vitalizing energy to the water and to the entire surrounding area. It ionizes the air and enhances plant and animal life. Water released from the egg-shaped ampoule creates a soothing waterfall. Bathing in the water is a treatment for body, mind, and spirit.

The water in the Poseida is circulated using a magnetically-driven pump that converts alternating current to direct current. Water swirls within the egg-shaped ampoule and creates a beautiful Gold Mean Spiral. It passes through a series of magnetic fields and through a matrix of energetic enhancements. The process alters the molecular structure of the water and dramatically raises the water’s life force. The system also neutralizes harmful vibrations left by physical contaminants in the water. Ideal for pools, Jacuzzis, or spas, it eliminates the requirement for chemicals. It also has applications for ponds, outdoor aquariums, and water gardens.

Shows the Poseidia at night with energy streamsThe image to the left was taken at night. It illustrates the tremendous amount of cosmic energy that is brought in by the copper pyramid and by the vortexing water. The energy continues to gather within the vortex as the water spins, ultimately energizing the entire body of water below.

Each Poseida fountain is uniquely crafted and installed to accommodate your circumstances.

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