October 23, 2020

How to Make and Use Triskelions

The triskelion or triskele  (also known as the triple-spiral or “Spiral of Life”)  is an ancient symbol (read the article), with a powerful connection to water. It has an amazing ability to neutralize harmful energy. Many believe that this was its ancient purpose. When constructed of copper, silver or gold, the triskelion creates a bioelectric and biomagnetic energy flow based on mathematics and sacred geometry. Placed in/around water, a triskelion raises the vibration of the water. It also creates energetic vortices that bring molecular structure to water. The triskelion can be used alone or in conjunction with other structuring techniques outlined in Dancing with Water.  Triskelions can structure water within hours (depending on the size of the triskelion and on the size of the water container).  The authors of Dancing with Water use triskelions everywhere: on water containers, on structuring devices, in their pockets, on/around plants, in the garden, etc. Watch the video of the energetic movement within a triskelion filmed using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization).

The authors have also discovered both a masculine and a feminine form of the triskelion.  The basic masculine form is made using a single copper wire. The feminine version is made by twisting 3 smaller wires together before forming the spirals.  The masculine form imparts a stronger, more direct energetic influence while the feminine form has a more delicate energy flow.  Either form will work independently. However, for maximum benefit, use triskelions in pairs. If you are using them on a water pitcher, place one on the bottom of one side of the pitcher. Place the other on the opposite side of the pitcher—at the top of the container.  If you are placing them beneath a water container, use one on top of the other with the spirals going in opposite directions (as shown – right).

Try making your own triskelion according to the  instructions below. Use (the cubit length) or multiple/half multiples of the cubit length, to augment the energetic influence of a triskelion. If you do not have triskelions or copper wire available, you can print and use the image to the left. It will not be as powerful but it will have a similar effect.


Ways to use a triskelion:

  1. Structure and raise the vibratory frequency of water (place a triskelion on a water bottle, pitcher, or other container)
  2. Protect water and biological organisms from harmful electromagnetic fields (place a triskelion in your pocket, on a necklace or bracelet, on an animal’s collar, or on your water vessel)
  3. Protect the information/imprints in water (place a triskelion on your water vessel after adding information/programming/imprinting)
  4. Energize salt solutions (place a triskelion on/underneath your salt solutions)
  5. Enhance plant growth (hang a triskelion from a tree or bush or place it on the soil near any plant)



Purchase Triskelions

How to make a triskelion



1. Cut a piece of copper wire 19.65 inches in length. This is recently identified Earth resonance cubit length (identified by the authors of Dancing with Water). Read more about the cubit length). 12 gauge wire is used for the triskelions sold from the store but 14 gauge wire is shown in the video for ease of working.  12-gauge wire will make a masculine triskelion approximately 1 or 2 inches across, depending on the starting length.


2. Bend the wire nearly in half, leaving one side a bit longer than the other side.


3. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, “roll” the folded end in a spiral until both ends of wire are about the same length. The longer wire should be on the outside as you roll the wire.


4. Roll both individual wires so that they all spiral in the same direction.


5. Roll as tightly or as loosely as you like.


6. Bring the spirals all together to that they all touch – to complete the energetic circuit.