October 23, 2020


Dive in!  . . . and splash around!   Enjoy a refreshing dip in the New Science of Water!

The Second Edition of Dancing with Water is now available!



MJ Pangman answers the question: What is the New Science of Water?

Dancing with Water will help you understand the New Science of Water and it will provide you with the tools so  you can create full-spectrum, living water . . . in your own home.



MJ Pangman introduces the second edition of Dancing with Water

Dancing with Water will help you understand:

  • The New Science regarding water’s liquid crystalline molecular structure. Watch the video
  • How to make full-spectrum, living water in your own home using simple tools.
  • How to use water as a healing modality.
  • Much more…

Join us in the “dance with water” and be one of the first to switch from  water  to  full-spectrum, living water  and  to step into life at a whole new level.




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