September 20, 2019


According to Charles Eisenstein in his book, The Ascent of Humanity, we have entered the Age of Water where we instinctively treat the Earth and everything on it as sacred. This long-awaited paradigm shift is no longer around the corner. With it comes an eagerness expressed by a growing group of individuals to take hands with Nature and to work together as we return to the garden we were born into. This is the underlying focus of Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water.

Over the last decade we have become increasingly aware that water is the key to life. Many books have been written about the importance of water for a healthy body and mind. Even more books have been written about water contaminants, water filtration and purification methods to ensure that our key to life is clean and safe to drink. More recently, books have been written on the global problem of water pollution and on our diminishing water resource. However, thus far, little effort has been made to help us understand water’s unique character or to help us meet water’s needs. Having entered the Age of Water, we are in a position to realize that water is our partner in life. We are also in a position to understand that returning the life to water is synonymous with stepping into life in a whole new way.

Dancing with Water is the first step to engaging in the dance of life at a new level. It springs from a growing awareness that we can no longer live in a throw-away society. Even our effort to provide clean water for the masses (bottled water), belongs to the old paradigm. It involves huge energy expenditures—from the creation of bottles to bottling costs, and finally, to the expense of shipping water around the globe. Aside from the fact that plastic is unsuitable as a container for water, one of the biggest problems with the bottled water industry is the disposal of waste. Billions of non-degradable plastic bottles are thrown into landfills every month.

Dancing with Water will help you to more fully participate in the Age of Water. It will teach you how to use the water you have and how to turn it into a vital, life-supporting nutrient. It will also help you to honor the water—something that has not happened on a global scale for thousands of years.

Part I is designed to help you develop an appreciation for water’s unique qualities. It includes familiarization with the interplay of forces that influence the way water moves—the spirals, the cycles, and the vortices that supply the energy water needs to thrive. Part I also introduces the elements that help water to stay balanced—the energizing and structuring qualities of minerals, gases, crystals, and even shapes. Finally, Part I includes a discussion of the natural forces that allow water to carry the vibrations and frequencies (the music) that sustain life’s dance.

Part II of Dancing with Water is a dance guide with step-by-step instructions and illustrations for how to use Nature’s tools to create the structural patterns capable of carrying signals and messages deep into the tissues and cells of your body. Practicing the dance steps in Part II will introduce you to a new level of awareness—and a new level of health—based on superior hydration, more efficient detoxification, enhanced nutrient absorption, and improved cellular communication. These benefits translate to improved energy, softer skin, faster recovery, slower aging, and a reduction of a variety of symptoms.

The authors’ different backgrounds (one in science, the other in the healing and intuitive arts) offer a unique perspective of the dance with water. The book combines existing science with wisdom available through the intuitive arts—thus validating, balancing, and expanding on the best science has to offer.