September 25, 2020

What is Harmonic Resonance?

In the natural world, information is exchanged via resonance (as weak vibratory signals). For example, the color, fragrance and even the health of every flower produces vibratory information to attract insects for pollination or other purposes. Each species continually exchanges information with its environment; when either the species or the environment is compromised, some level of chaos results. One way the natural world retains balance and ongoing regeneration is through vibratory signals—harmonic resonance.

Harmonic resonance has been defined in many ways. Technically, it is a set of notes or frequencies that are related as integer multiples. But harmonic resonance has also been defined as an organizing force that transcends other forces in the physical world. In chapter 8 of the second edition of Dancing with Water, the authors discuss the concept of sound and vibration as an organizing principle. They cite the work of the Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny who used audible frequencies to excite liquids and powders into lifelike patterns (cymatics). With the use of a single frequency, Jenny could generate repeatable images that varied from stationary images to those in continual motion. Harmonic resonance, takes Jenny’s cymatics to another level.

When any single note is played, many harmonics are simultaneously generated—though not always audibly detectable. But when specific harmonics are purposefully and synchronously played, a chord is created and harmonic resonance results. Such chords help maintain coherent organization and balance in the natural world. They are the music that results as each flower reaches out its vibratory hand to attract the honey bee who, in turn, exchanges harmonic information as it gathers nectar and distributes pollen. While Jenny’s cymatics illustrate order from single tones, harmonic resonance explains order on a planetary and universal scale.

The Earth has its own resonance which is balancing for all organic life forms. When we are in direct contact with the Earth, we are supported by that resonance and many accompanying harmonics. One of the things that makes this Earth unique is its intimate connection with the universal creative field which holds the codes for life itself, including blueprints for new growth, repair and regeneration. The Earth not only carries these codes but IS a bio-regenerative being . As we strengthen the connection with Mother Earth and the natural world, we awaken these codes and the capacity to step into greater vitality and ongoing regeneration.

The liquid crystalline structure of the human body (and all biological life) was designed to absorb and respond to vibratory information delivered through water. Vibration itself is a nutrient. According to some, it is the vibration as much as the chemistry of foods that nourishes our bodies. The authors of Dancing with Water conclude chapter 8 by saying:
“As a carrier of vibratory information, water can be instrumental in maintaining the organic symphony of life. Informed with vibratory input from the natural world, water becomes full-spectrum living water. Without it, water is incomplete.”

In 2018, the authors introduced a set of three Tensor Rings that functions based on harmonic resonance. They refer to the set as the Harmonic Creation Field Trio because it creates a vibratory chord that resonates with the universal creative field of energy. It establishes a nested toroidal field that opens the space of creation. In the authors’ experience, water placed in the resonating field can enhance awareness to (and the ability to utilize) the multitude of bio-regenerative frequencies inherent in the Earth’s biological  energy field. As this field interacts with each individual’s toroidal energy field and/or the energetic field created by the egg-shaped Water Cradle, the energy blossoms and possibilities unfold.   Read more about the Harmonic Creation Field Trio.