September 25, 2020

Diamond Water - Diamond MiningDiamonds vibrate at the highest frequency of all the Earth’s minerals. They have an extremely pure and powerful resonance tuned to higher consciousness.  According to Robert Simmons, author of Stones of the New Consciousness, “Diamond is the primal gateway stone of union of self and Divine.”  It opens the gate for humans to connect with the higher self.

Diamonds are formed as carbon molecules re-organize  to resist pressure.  Organization completely  changes the physical characteristics of carbon in much the same manner as water ‘s physical characteristics are altered when it assumes liquid crystalline form.  Diamonds carry the resonance of carbon on a higher octave similar to the way structured water resonates at a higher octave than unstructured water.   Composed of carbon, diamonds also resonate with all life—thus their unique connection to both the physical and the spiritual.

The crystalline matrix of diamonds can be expressed in many forms – all based on the cubic crystalline system  where each carbon atom joins four other carbon atoms in a tetrahedron. The most common crystal habit is the eight-sided octahedron or diamond shape but diamond crystals can also form cubes, dodecahedra, and combinations of these shapes. In fact, diamonds carry the pattern of all the platonic solids.

Diamonds influence the physical world through the medium of light.  Regardless of whether they are rough or faceted, their crystalline matrix channels the full spectrum of visible light as well as many frequencies outside the visible range.  This can connect a person to their light body and to their higher self by cutting through old patterns and releasing the human spirit to an awakened, higher consciousness. Diamond energy is so strong that it can cause instability (especially on the mental level) if used inappropriately.

When diamonds are placed in water, the intensity of their energy is softened. Water adds feminine balance and provides a gentle delivery system so that diamond water can be used in a variety of ways by a greater percentage of individuals. When used with care and purpose, diamond water can be cleansing on a physical level but even more so on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. We suggest that a person be intuitively guided before working with  diamond water.

Diamonds for the Earth’s water
Regardless of whether you choose to personally work with diamond water, you can connect with diamond energy while participating with the global community as we assist in the purification of the Earth’s water.  The vibratory frequency of the diamond has an effect on the Earth’s water similar to the effect on the human body (which is mostly water).  Placing water, prepared with diamonds, in the Earth’s waterways  will help to release the negativity of long-term disrespect and disregard. It will help water release contaminants and return to her original purity. The  March 2014 guided Meditation for the Water is an ideal way to assist in cleansing the Earth’s water using visualizations of diamond energy.  If you have a rough diamond, you may also make diamond water according the the process outlined below, and pour it in a body of water near you (lake, river, ocean etc.). This will have a powerful effect on the water.  In essence it says to the water, “We have not forgotten you!  We choose to have you return to divine purity.”

diamondsUsing diamond water for personal growth
When placed in water, diamonds create a unique vortex; they bring in a very complex molecular structure and the full spectrum of light that will cut through old patterns and  bring issues in need of resolution to your attention. If you are considering the use of diamonds, be ready to let go of all previous perceptions of life—anything that might stand in the way of higher truth. Also be aware that the use of diamonds will dislodge energetic blockages, but that it will not clear them. You should have access to tools and/or facilitators who can help you release the patterns and programs that block your spiritual progress.

Even though diamond water is gentler than diamonds themselves. The best way to “temper” the intensity of diamond water is with the use of gold.  It is well known that gold stabilizes the emotional and mental bodies during emotional trauma and depression.  It balances brain chemicals.  Even those who are ready to work with diamonds will appreciate the assistance of gold as deeply held old patterns surface for release.  The use of gold with diamond water is highly recommended.

The authors of Dancing with Water have created an orgonite charging plate with one tiny Russian diamond placed in the center – and 24-carat gold leaf in the mix. This product is both gentle and potent. It helps structure and protect water while clearing the energy field in the vicinity.

Ways to use diamond water:

  1. Place a rough diamond in a bowl of water in your living space; a water fountain is ideal. This water will keep your living space clear of negativity. The energy will prepare you for further exposure to diamond energy.

  2. Bathe in diamond water. To make a diamond water bath, prepare a gallon of diamond water (place a diamond in the water for about 8 hours), then pour this water in your bath with other selected salts. Soak for about 30 minutes, following your inner guidance. Diamond water baths are also appropriate before giving birth and prior to other important occasions.

  3. Drink diamond water—always with purpose. Place a rough diamond in a glass of water for approximately 10 minutes or longer. Have a very clear intention as you consume the water.

  4. Place a glass of water on the orgonite charging plate – allow to sit for several hours. Drink with intention.

Note :   Diamonds that have been worn (jewelry) are not appropriate for making diamond water. They hold the energetic patterns unique to individuals and relationships and are not suitable for the work mentioned here.