September 25, 2020

Ormus for Body, Mind, and Spirit

A growing body of evidence suggests that the ormus elements are essential to life. They are associated with healing, consciousness, and with life-force energy.  Some people who take ormus, in a variety of different forms, report improvements in physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Ormus is believed to have been used for these purposes by the ancient Egyptian, Persian, Hindu, and Chinese alchemists; by King Solomon, the Essenes and by the alchemists of the Middle Ages.

ORMUS smallNew Science suggests that matter is light with a lower frequency—it is light that has become solid. Ormus may be matter that has been converted back into light.  Anecdotal reports from those who have taken ormus include:

•Heightened awareness
•Increased spiritual “connectedness”
•Dream lucidity
•Regenerative effects
•Accelerated healing

A balanced mix of ormus elements made using a variety of ormus-rich salts is likely the best approach to taking ormus—at least at first. Dancing with Water offers an ormus product called Dance of Light, made with a special blend of ormus-rich salts from around the world and stabilized with INSAN bamboo salt.

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