September 25, 2020

Healing Earth’s Water

For millions of years, the Earth’s water was clean and pure. The oceans were teaming with life and the water resonated a unique and beautiful harmony recognized throughout the universe as EarthSong. But with the industrial revolution, the human race began to lose its connection with Mother Earth and with the lifeblood of the planet—water. Rivers and streams have become the receptacles for toxic chemicals and industrial wastes. The ocean itself has become a waste dump as large barges are regularly sent out to sea with massive amounts of garbage. Much of the Earth’s water is no longer able to carry the finely-balanced and life-supporting frequencies intended to uphold life on the planet. And needless to say, EarthSong is not what is used to be.

Here are a few lines from Patricia Cori’s new book, Before We Leave You, about the death of the life in the oceans.

In the immense symphony of conscious design, where everything that exists creates its own vibratory signature, there has been, until very recently, a very particular sound that Gaia contributes as her note in the galactic chorus of heavenly beings. It was not only her beauty and bountiful seas that lured visitors from other worlds to engage in Gaia’s evolution, it was the magnificence of her song. We [cetaceans] have been part of that music for millions of years. We are the weavers of sound through the fields of planetary boundaries and beyond. That is our assignment as physical beings, on countless celestial bodies. The ultimate war that is being waged now is the greatest war of all time: man against nature, against light. The final decision will soon be taken.  It will be one that either drowns out the music of Gaia and replaces it with the static hum of a robotic society … or it will sound the glory of the Earth and its conscious beings, clear and crystalline, across the waves of the Cosmic sea. The music that rises from the oceans, where the memory of this planet’s perfect harmony is imprinted, has been woven into the molecules of the waters of Earth for millions of years. Without your intervention as a global society… it will be silenced forever.    —Before We Leave You by Patricia Cori, pgs. 101 & 113

In the last several years we have seen two major disasters in the Earth’s oceans–the Gulf oil spill and the Japanese tsunami with its concurrent nuclear reactor breach. Both of these disasters put the Earth and her oceans in a critical state and in need of our help. Recently, another tragedy has come to our attention—the increased use of sonar in the depths of the ocean for military and other purposes. Sound in the ocean travels four times as fast as it does in the air. It is the means of communication for most sea creatures whose sound resonating cavities are sensitive and finely tuned.  Sonar is responsible for the beaching of hundreds of dolphins, whales and sea turtles. Autopsy shows brain hemoraging and severe damage of hearing organs.

There has never been a more critical time for humans to support Mother Earth and to help heal the water. Many people think there is little they can do as a single individual. But nothing could be further from the truth! Your conscious, loving intent—especially as it joins with others (both known and unknown) can have a huge impact—a greater impact than all the petitions or all the Acts of Congress could ever have. When you connect with Mother Earth, and when you offer your love and blessings, the impact is felt—deeply.

The authors of Dancing with Water offer a way for you to participate with them in healing the Earth’s water.  The only requirement is a few minutes of your time and a sincere heart. Individuals interested in gathering with an online, global community can participate in Meditations for the Water—quarterly meditations to support  Mother Earth—with special emphasis on healing the water. To participate in these free quarterly guided meditations, click here.