February 20, 2020

Meditations for the Water

Next meditation:  March 2020 (Spring Equinox) 

Meditations for the Water is a series of quarterly global meditations sponsored by Dancing with Water to help heal the Earth’s water. As a global community we have just begun to explore the power of our thoughts and intentions. With your participation, we can accomplish miracles for the water we love. If you would like to be notified of each new meditation, sign up below.

The most recent meditation is found below. Others are archived here.

We encourage you to listen/participate again and again, and to share the meditation with your gatherings as a fun and meaningful activity.

Listen to the December 2019 7-minute guided meditation:
As you participate in this meditation, keep in mind that water has memory (it holds information). However, the information in water is continually being upgraded. Old patterns give way to new frequencies as water flows and as it is exposed to new environments. The water within us is no different, and yet the patterns carried in our internal water are upgraded more slowly because they are part of a complex living system. The natural sound of water is one of the most healing of sounds. It speaks to the water within us, helping us release old patterns and old ways of being that no longer serve us.

Listen to a previous 8-minute guided meditation:
Soak in a warm spring and receive the regenerative frequencies from deep within the Earth and from the Sun and stars above. Participate with other beings on the planet to send a wave of joy and gratitude through the water.

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