September 25, 2020

Meditations Archive

September 2020 Meditation: Join others in sending love and healing to Mother Earth, to her water—and to all humanity.


June 2020 Meditation: Let a visit to a mountain stream allow you to find deep relaxation and renewal  as you listen to the sounds of water.


March 2020 Meditation: Take a dive into the ocean and allow a swim along a coral reef to balance and calm your spirit.


Dec 2019 (Winter Solstice) Meditation:As you participate in this guided meditation, keep that in mind that water has memory (it holds information). However, the information in water is continually being upgraded. Old patterns give way to new frequencies as water flows and as it is exposed to new environments. The water within us is no different, and yet the patterns carried in our internal water are upgraded more slowly because they are part of a complex living system. The natural sound of water is one of the most healing of sounds. It speaks to the water within us, helping us release old patterns and old ways of being that no longer serve us.


Sep 2019 (Autumn Equinox) Meditation:


Dec 21, 2018 (Winter Solstice) Meditation:Soak in a warm spring and receive the regenerative frequencies from deep within the Earth. Join with all life on this planet to send a wave of love and gratitude around the Earth.


Sep 21, 2018 (Autumn Equinox) Meditation:
Visit a regenerative forest garden and find cleansing renewal underneath a waterfall. Create a regenerative cycle of receiving and giving as you send love and gratitude to the Water.


June 21, 2018 (Summer Solstice) Meditation:
Journey to the mountains to drink from a pristine spring and send loving gratitude to Mother Earth and water everywhere.


Mar 21, 2018 (Spring Equinox) Meditation:


June 21, 2017 (Summer Solstice) Meditation:


March, 2017 (Spring Equinox) Meditation:
The meditations for 2017 introduce listeners to the living field of creative energy that surrounds us all, and to the fact that one of water’s roles is to bring it into 3 dimensional form supporting all of Mother Earth’s creations.
This meditation awakens each individual to an awareness that water carries information within her ever-changing geometry and that these patterns are deeply connected with the Earth and all Nature.


Sept 22, 2016 (Autumn Equinox) Meditation:
This meditation is a reminder to each of us that we are caretakers of the Earth and that our conscious actions CAN/do make a difference! Follow Mother Earth’s guidance and be led to her living water.


June 20, 2016 (Summer Solstice) Meditation:
During this 6-minute guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to become “one” with the water and to send your unique vibration of love and gratitude, to water everywhere.


March 20, 2016 (Spring Equinox) Meditation:
There is incredible power on a shoreline (sea or lake). It is the zero point between two worlds–the aquatic world immersed in water and the land, connected to soil and earth. On the shore, the vibrations of both worlds resonate together in a dance like the figure 8 where one circle is the water and the other is the land. They meet in the middle on the shore. During this 6-minute guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to connect with your inner child and imagine the healing of the Earth’s water.


December 21, 2015 (Winter Solstice) Meditation:
During this 6-minute guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to explore your connection with the water inside you and the water on the entire planet. You will understand how each individual can make a huge difference by sharing love and gratitude with the water.


September 23, 2015 (Autumn Equinox) Meditation:
During this 7-minute meditation, you will have the opportunity to connect with the heart center of the planet and to place your loving intention for clean, pure water into the energetic field of Mother Earth.


forest bathing

June 21, 2015 (Summer Solstice) Meditation:
The Japanese have an expression that means to bathe in the forest — a wonderful concept!  This meditation takes you for a cleansing and regenerating forest bath and then to a waterfall and clear pool to experience both the movement and the stillness water requires to achieve coherent liquid crystalline structure. The meditation provides the opportunity for you to participate with the global community in sending love and gratitude to water everywhere.


flowerOf Life3d


March 20, 2015 (Spring Equinox)  Meditation:
During this meditation, inactive codes within your DNA are awakened — codes that can revitalize your body and the numerous bodies of water on (and within) the Earth. These codes are held within the geometry of The Flower of Life which can be found in the molecular structure of water – especially in the ocean; in the atomic structures of the elements that make up our world; in the assemblage of amino acids — particularly DNA; within the fulvic and humic acids in healthy soil; and in conjunction with creative building blocks everywhere in Nature.


Underwater garden_smDecember 21, 2014 (Winter Solstice)  Meditation:
This meditation takes you to a beautiful underwater garden and introduces each participant to the organic life force “field” around Mother Earth. It allows you to send your personal healing vision of pure water into the ocean.


September 22, 2014 (Autumn Equinox)  Meditation:
This meditation takes you on a soaring journey from the mountaintops to the ocean as you follow the winding path of a river. As you send your love to the water, you join the energy of thousands of others who are participating all over the globe with the same intent. Read about Ocean Plasma for structuring water and other therapeutic benefits.


June 21, 2014 (Summer Solstice) Meditation:
This meditation uses the energy of the diamond along with the full spectrum of light colors to enliven and enlighten the Earth’s water. Beginning in a small lake, the water is sent forth to join larger bodies of water, eventually emptying into the ocean. Read more about using diamond energy for personal as well as global purification. - Diamond Mining
March 20, 2014 (Spring Equinox) Meditation:
Meditations for the Water in 2014 use the energy of the Earth’s highest frequency stone – the diamond – to assist in the purification of the water on the Earth. They focus on creating a grid of love around the Earth and her water.  Read more about using diamond energy for personal as well as global purification.


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