September 25, 2020

Healing the Water Meditation

Theta Healer, Debbie Cavette has recorded a beautiful meditation to heal the Earth’s water. It will also help to heal the water within you as you participate. The authors of Dancing with Water suggest this simple addition to the meditation:

 Hold a small crystal during the meditation. It will be imprinted with your loving/healing intentions for the water as you listen. Sometime during the next few days, place the crystal in a body of water (lake, river, ocean, pond etc.) . The meditation will be amplified as the water cycles through the atmosphere and circulates on the Earth. Your love will be felt  deeply and globally . . . and the water will benefit in a larger way. What a beautiful way to dance with the water.

All recordings by Debbie Cavette are copyrighted intellectual property. This meditation is offered free of charge as long as it is used for personal listening only. It may not be posted on any other Website, personal or public, without written consent.

Listen to the Meditation [audio:]

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