April 7, 2020

How to Make Sun and Moon Water

Water was designed to carry the Sun’s sub-atomic nutrients (sound and color vibrations) to all living things. It was also meant to carry the cosmic energy of the moon, stars, and planets. This is referred to as The Music of the Spheres.  Structuring the water first (as described in Chapter 11 of Dancing with Water) makes it more receptive to imprinting but simply placing water in the Sun or Moon will imprint the water to a certain degree. Start with the best water you have (filtered, purified, reverse osmosis etc.) structure it, and follow the directions below.

Making Sun water
When making water in the sunlight, place it in a glass container directly on the Earth. This way, the gentler Earth frequencies will balance the strong solar energy. Depending on the position and strength of the sun, leave it exposed for no more than 10-30 minutes. (Direct sunlight on standing water will eventually rob it of its energy.) Drinking water that has been placed in the sunlight is a wonderful way to get the vibratory energy of the complete color spectrum. It is also very energizing.

Making Moon water
Setting water out on the night of the full moon creates water that carries the feminine energy of the full moon. If you want to lengthen the influence of the full moon (or of a particular full moon) in your life, this is a good way to do it.  To program your water with the energy of the moon, stars, and planets, choose a clear night (it does not have to be a full moon). Place your covered, glass or egg-shaped clay container directly on the Earth in a place where it will receive the full night sky. (Glass allows the light of the moon and stars to penetrate the water better but the shape of the egg gathers cosmic frequencies just as efficiently—if not more so.) Use crystals, triskelions, Tensor Rings or another method to amplify the energy (see Dancing with Water pages 156-158). The longer you can leave it out the better, but one or two hours will work–especially if there are no clouds. Remember to bring it in before the sun comes up. Drinking this water will help you adapt to seasonal changes as well as to the energy shifts that are taking place on the Earth.

Moon water has been used by many cultures to bring the feminine essence of water into the physical body. According to Carla Goddard, Shaman and Medicine Woman, Mayan, Aztec and Incan people drank full moon water first thing in the morning for nine consecutive days to honor the nine spirits of healing and the nine cycles. You may want to do the same.

A note on structuring and tools: A copper triskelion has been placed on the lid of the terracotta egg to amplify cosmic frequencies coming into the water. The egg rests in a granite bowl which helps connect the water to the Earth as well as to amplify the energetic input.  The 5-gallon glass container is closed with a cork so the water can breathe. It is surrounded by a large Tensor Ring to amplify cosmic frequencies. It also has two triskelions attached to the outer vessel (one on the top in the front – the other on the bottom in back.  Prior to placing the water into these vessels, it was treated with Prills to clear the water of  negative imprints and then allowed to sit overnight with Laminar crystal and ANCHI Crystals. The water in the terracotta egg-shaped vessel was structured using a stirring wand and the addition of QMP as a “salt” additive. The water in the glass container was treated in the same way and structured in the Vitalizer Plus with the addition of Blue Ocean Minerals as a “salt” additive. These are just 2 methods for structuring water. Chapter 11 in Dancing with Water is devoted entirely to teaching you a variety of methods to structure your water.


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