September 25, 2020

Making Crystal Grids to Heal the Earth and her Water

Crystal Grids are arrangements of crystals or stones that create a continuous flow of energy for a specific purpose. They are used for healing and manifestation—both on a personal level and on a global or more universal scale. They are often used to magnify, focus and/or prolong a treatment using energy work such as Reiki . Some grids are simple circles; others are based on sacred geometry like The Flower of Life, the Mercaba, or other symbol. Grids can be large structures placed on the ground. Examples of this kind of grid are: Stonehenge, labyrinths, and Native American medicine wheels. Grids can also be placed on a person during a healing session. The crystal grids we refer to in this article are dedicated to Earth healing.

The creation of a crystal grid begins with the intention to use the elements from Mother Earth to focus energy for healing. Allowing your creative intuition to guide you, crystals, stones, or other symbols and objects are selected and placed to generate an energy grid useful to Mother Earth as she re-aligns her energetic grid (happening now). These grids typically end up being a work of art that is both functional and enchantingly beautiful. Those who are drawn to make them often receive guidance even when they are not aware of it. The authors have found that triskelions and tensor rings augment the energy of grids. They have made many grids for home and garden.

There is no right or wrong way to make a crystal grid. Some people place grids directly on the ground or on a table. Most are placed on a plate, a tile, or a cloth. Clay, glass, wood, and stone are good natural bases for a grid. Crystals, stones and other objects can be placed directly on the base surface or the base can be filled with sand, earth, small pebbles, or other natural material. Grids can be as simple as the one you see pictured in the center, above, made in a ceramic, divided sauce dish filled with sand containing a large amount of biotite mica (see page 160 of Dancing with Water for more information on the properties of biotite mica) and tiny flakes of muscovite mica (used to make laminar crystal objects), accented with two, 12 mm quartz crystal balls and surrounded with a tensor ring. Although simple, this grid is very powerful. It is dedicated to harmony and balance (a major theme throughout the book, Dancing with Water). It is intended to help balance both the Earth and the elements in the life of one of the authors.

Ocean grid (sand, shells, crystals, stones, triskelions, in a terracotta saucer)

Ocean grid (sand, Himalayan salt, coral, driftwood, sand dollars, fossil shell, mother of pearl beads, biwa pearl necklace,larimar stone, aquamarine crystal, rose quartz spere, ocean jasper, quartz crystals,silver triskelions, fishing float


Grids are often made with clear quartz crystals alone because of the capacity of quartz crystals to amplify energy. Other grids use a combination of quartz and other stones and crystals, and some may not use quartz at all. Both authors have discovered that they had many things around the house they could use—without spending money. Sand was collected from nearby rivers and streams. Rocks and crystals from their personal collections were used. When they encountered the idea of creating ocean grids to help heal the Earth’s oceans, they were surprised at the things they found: a tiny piece of driftwood and sand dollars saved from a trip to the beach; sea shells, mother of pearl beads, a piece of coral, and even an old fishing float placed in a dish of natural salt. Use what you have.

Other examples of grids, below, show a small ceramic plate filled with ANCHI Crystals and topped with a large, copper triskelion (8 gauge wire) and 3 stones. The other grids, intended to nourish the garden environment, were placed directly on the Earth. Notice that the triskelions in one of these grids have been twisted. This changes their energy and makes them particularly nourishing for plants.


If you are drawn to, we encourage you to make your own grid(s) and to dedicate them to the Earth and/or her oceans. The process of making them is calming and regenerative; they are an asset for any home or garden; they honor the Earth, and they enhance the environment in which they are placed. Somehow, making them brings out the creative spirit in everyone.

You will want to place your grid in a location where it is not easily disturbed and dedicate it to the healing of the Earth (or ocean). Have fun!


  1. These crystal grids are so interesting and beautiful. I love the idea that we can heal the earth using these powerful resources. I have just recently been learning about crystal grids and tensor rings. Not only can we heal the earth with different elements, but we can also heal our bodies. This article has been very enlightening. Thank you for sharing.

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