October 23, 2020

Dictionnaire Vidal (1975 Marine Plasma Entry)

(For Historical Information Only)

The following extract is a translation of the official listing for Quinton’s Marine Plasma in the 1975 edition of the French VIDAL. The VIDAL is the European equivalent of the American Physicians Desk Reference which lists  accepted medicines, how they are applied, and their side effects. After  years of successful use, marine plasma was removed from the French Vidal because it was not heat pasteurized. Today it is only approved for oral use.
Natural unheated seawater extracted from specific ocean coordinates.
Ampoules for injectable, drinkable and external use.

QUINTON MARINE PLASMA is available in three concentrations:

  1. Isotonic: PLASMA DE QUINTON

A sterile, apyrogenic dilution (pH 7.2) of seawater, prepared under aseptic conditions by special processes without rise in temperature or exposure to electric potential or field in order to preserve its molecular balance and its character of an “alive medium”.
Contains the 92 elements of the periodic table (all primary and trace minerals).
The seawater is extracted from a 10-meter depth (zone of solar penetration) under special conditions and locations, which ensure safety as for its purity.
The clear ampoules are pyrogen-free to insure that subcutaneous or intravenous injection of QUINTON MARINE PLASMA is painless and absorbed quickly.

Rene QUINTON showed, in 1904, that QUINTON MARINE PLASMA is identical physically, chemically, and physiologically to our interior milieu (extracellular fluid) and provides the optimum conditions for red blood corpuscles and leucocytes and other blood fractions. It is possible to replace the entire blood volume of an animal with QUINTON MARINE PLASMA without any disorders for the organism.
Mode of action
1. Regeneration of the internal milieu (extracellular fluid)
2. Re-mineralization of the body with a bio-available, crystaloid form of the primary minerals
3. Recharging of the body with a bio-available, synergistic form of the trace minerals (oligo-elements)
4. Some of the low concentration constituents provide a homeopathic mechanism for restoring homeostasis.

1.   Children:  Gastroenteritis, Poisoning, Athrepsia (malnutrition), Anorexia, Eczema, Prenatal treatment, Premature birth.
2.   Adults:  Anemia, Asthma, Exhaustion, Anti-aging, Morning sickness, Gastroenteritis, Constipation, Dysentery, E. coli poisoning, Tuberculosis, Atherosclerosis.
3.  Gynacology:  Uterine-Vaginal infections and congestion
4.  Respiratory:  Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Respiratory allergies, Nebulizing aerosol
5.  Dermatology:  Eczema, Histaminic reactions, Psoriasis, Prurigo, Lichen, Dermal infections, Skin allergies
6.   Reconstitution of red and white blood cells.
7.   Burns.
8.   Energy restoration.
9.   Bio-terrain restoration.
10. Antibiotic solvent and carrier.

The first injections may cause a light reaction with excitation or mild fever, without any further symptoms.
Use and dosage guidelines for QUINTON MARINE PLASMA
1. As a subcutaneous or intravenous injectable.
2. Oral consumption.
3. For external usage (spray, compress, localized cleaning).

General rules of treatment
Ongoing dosages are variable following the treated affliction but it is essential to continue to maintain sufficient amounts known to obtain the “traditional” results of QUINTON MARINE PLASMA.
To start, except in severe toxicity and diarrhea, use small amounts (2 injections of 10 ml, 2 of 20 ml), and increase gradually (30, 50, 80, 100 ml.). Finally, perform ten injections to the highest amount compatible with good intestinal functioning.
Too strong amounts for a given subject can bring a tendency to constipation.
Infants and young children: Subcutaneous injections under the scapula.
Adults: Subcutaneous injections in the buttock (ambulatory processing) or intravenous injection.

Acute Toxicity, Poisoning:  200 ml. morning and evening during one week then 200 ml per day the following week. Food could be taken again gradually an hour after the first injection. (In the event of vomiting, replace milk with PLASMA OF QUINTON, diluted 2:1 in pure spring water, until the milk is well tolerated).
Diarrhea, Malnutrition:  6 injections of 10 ml, every other day. Continue with 6 injections of 30 ml to 50 ml. maximum. The treatment usually requires fifteen days to several months. Resume normal feeding as in the beginning of the treatment but divided into smaller more frequent meals.
Prenatal Care:  1. For the mother: Prevent morning sickness. 2. For the infant: Disappearance of physiological stress. Start at the beginning of the pregnancy and continue as long as practical using three to four injections of 20 ml per week. Increase the dose every 10 days up to 200 ml maximum, then continue with DUPLASE DE QUINTON.
Adult Enteritis, Constipation:  To return gradually to a normal feeding use 4 injections of 30 ml every 3 days, then 10 injections of 50ml to 200 ml, at the maximum, every three days.

Eczema, Hives, Allergies:  Preferably injecting small amounts more frequently according to the reaction of the patient.
Adults:6 injections of 20 to 50 ml, every three days then continue every two days.
Infants: 6 injections of 5 to 30 ml, every three days then continue every two days. Localized spraying.
Psoriasis:  Begin with small amounts and increase dose quickly to 100 to 200 ml or more, then continue with DUPLASE DE QUINTON. Localized spraying and washing with DUPLASE DE QUINTON will hasten the healing.
External Tuberculosis:  3 injections of 30 ml. every three days. Continue with 4 injections of 50 ml, then 10 injections of 100 ml. Apply bandages soaked with PLASMA DE QUINTON.
Solvent for Antibiotics: Assures painless injections. Its light alkalinity makes it particularly effective for Streptomycin.

Infants:  Digestive disorders, Malnutrition: 1 ampoule of 10 ml, 1/4 hours before feeding bottles, 3 times per day.
Vomiting:  Alternate a feeding bottle of milk and a feeding bottle of PLASMA DE QUINTON diluted 2:1 in  pure spring water, until the milk is well tolerated.
Anorexia:  1 ampoule of 5 to 10 ml, 1/4 hour before feeding bottles, 3 or 4 times per day.
Adults General Use:  Digestive problems Anorexia. Rebalancing bio-terrain. Finalizing an injectable treatment. Typical doses: 1 ampoule of 20 ml, 1/4 hour before each meal. PLASMA DE QUINTON should be held in the mouth a short time before being swallowed.

Eczema:  Localized spraying on affected area.
Psoriasis, Burns, Sunburns, Sunstroke:  Spraying and prolonged localized washing will hasten the healing. Apply bandages or compresses soaked with DUPLASE DE QUINTON or repeated spraying as often as possible.
Rhinitis, Sinusitis:  1 ampoule of 5 ml in each nostril 3 or 4 times per day.
Climatic Aérosol:  DUPLASE DE QUINTON.