January 19, 2020

Bamboo Salt for structuring/energizing water

Bamboo Salt is a therapeutic salt uniquely made in Korea. The process is alchemical, developed by Buddhist monks over 1000 years ago. The making of bamboo salt incorporates the five elements (Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Aether)  to transform sea salt into a highly bio-available, mineral-rich, ormus-rich condiment with unusual healing and detoxification properties.

The five element process begins with organically harvested and sun-dried sea salt from the Korean Bay (the element of Water). The salt is packed into bamboo stalks that are 3 or more years old. Bamboo can reach 50-foot bambooheights in a short period of time, consuming unquantifiable amounts of cosmic energy during its growth (bamboo provides the element of Aether). Next, the bamboo is sealed with mineral-rich yellow clay from the surrounding region (the element of Earth). Salt-filled bamboo stalks are then roasted at 1600°C (the element of Fire), using pine wood from the local region (pine wood provides the mechanism to incorporate the element of Air via oxygen as the bamboo is burned).  The above process is repeated up to nine times and can take three years to complete, depending on how the salt will be used. Each time the salt is roasted, impurities are burned off and nutrients from the bamboo and the clay are assimilated into the salt. Repeated roasting gathers and concentrates ormus elements  and sends them into a high-spin state. The process is reminiscent of David Hudson’s early method of producing ormus using heat,  and of the “wet” methods of making ormus that begin with salts known to contain high levels of  ormus elements.  Adding bamboo salt to water releases and stabilizes  ormus. Other minerals in the water are activated and pulled into organic complexes where they are held in a readily available state.

Master InsanOriginally, bamboo salt was processed two or three times.  However, a  renowned Taoist healer named Insan (1909-1992) determined the best number of times to roast the salt to optimize its therapeutic potential.  Nine times, with an additional proprietary firing, completes the alchemy.  This product, called Ultimate Purple 9X Bamboo Salt is uniquely available from the Insan Bamboo company (founded by  the Grand Master Insan’s family ). Other producers market 9X bamboo salt without the final, high temperature process that activates the most  ormus.

The best way to use bamboo salt to balance and to energize drinking water is to make a saturated salt solution. Add between 2 and 10 drops of the solution (depending on whether your water already has minerals in it) to a half gallon of water before structuring.  Saturated solutions of bamboo salt are mineral-rich so less is required than with other salt solutions and a little goes a long way. Ormus from bamboo salt helps to move other minerals into a higher energetic state during structuring. This assists as minerals and ormus are sequestered within water’s molecular matrix.

Structured water made with bamboo salt is balanced with the full complement of minerals and all the trace minerals  that are missing from today’s diet.  It is especially high in sulfur which is easily detectable in its strong taste.  Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the human body based on percentage of total weight. A large number of individuals are deficient—especially the elderly and the vegetarian community.  It is one reason organic sulfur supplements like MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and DMSO  are so helpful. The addition of biologically available sulfur can support many metabolic functions. Bamboo salt is also high in bio-available iodine—critical in today’s environment. The salt is abundantly supportive of the thyroid.

Use of bamboo salt for many years in Asia reveals its ability to support detoxification and to help heal many maladies. The Ultimate Purple 9X variety has an oxidation reduction potential of -450 to -300; its antioxidant qualities are well known. Beyond antioxidant properties, bamboo salt is extremely drawing—more so than other unprocessed salts. One reason for this may be that it contains residues of carbon from the bamboo. Carbon is another substance that is well-known for its drawing qualities and for its use as a purifier.  The unique alchemy that results during roasting, appears to augment the drawing qualities of bamboo salt for a truly balancing, cleansing effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Solutions made with bamboo salt are therapeutically used as nasal rinses, gargles, and eye washes (mix 1/10 tsp. of the powdered 9X salt  in 1 cup of water). Bamboo salt also makes a wonderful detoxing footbath (dissolve 1 Tbsp. of the Purple 9X in a gallon of warm water and soak for 20-40 minutes).

One of the things ormus has been reported to do is to interact with DNA in a manner that opens the way for an organism to return to its original genetic blueprint.  With this in mind, the regular use of bamboo salt in structured water could be an important innovation for a time when exposure to genetically modified foods,  bacteria, and viruses is prevalent. Plants that have been exposed to genetic modification may benefit too.  Because of its unique alchemy and because of its ormus, bamboo salt is suggested for meditation—to achieve deeper awareness. When used as a spray it can also assist in cleansing the energetic body.

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9X Purple bamboo salt comes in two sizes, 240 grams and 70 grams