September 25, 2020

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals

Even though present day science has not been able to determine the complete composition of ocean water, research has established that it contains the full-spectrum of known minerals and trace elements. The quality and variety of ocean minerals in precise natural proportion and balance, is far more valuable than manufactured compounds in random quantities.

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are highly concentrated, low-sodium, full-spectrum minerals harvested  from the southern Antarctic Pacific Currents of the Great Barrier Reef,  Australia.  The reef has been protected for decades by the Australian Government with no shipping or agriculture allowed on or near the reef. OmniBlue has permission from the Australian Government to procure live ocean water, with no negative impact on the Reef.

Many people are justifiably concerned about the possible contamination of products from the ocean. While much of the life in the oceans has been compromised, the authors of Dancing with Water have been very judicious in determining products to recommend for water enhancement. The process that produces OmniBlue Ocean Minerals is very much like the process to bring natural sea salt to the market.  It includes months in drying ponds where it is concentrated and exposed to the sun. Under these conditions, countless negative ions are released from the salt. These negative ions, combined with the sun, neutralize innumerable contaminants (including radiation) in much the same way that antioxidants neutralize radiolytic compounds in the human body. To give you a better idea of the OmniBlue Ocean Minerals process, it is outlined below.

Manufacturing begins with government-sanctioned pure ocean water from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Ocean water is concentrated in clay ponds for 6-8 months until it reaches a certain density and specific gravity. During this process, high levels of  sodium chloride precipitate out leaving a dense mineral solution that is low in sodium (reduced below 2% of volume). There are no artificial processes, chemicals, or heat sources used at any stage of production, nor any additives, excipients, or live organisms.  The ocean water solution is constantly monitored by TGA-Australia and GMP certified labs  in Los Angeles CGNP (Certified GMP/nnFA, NPA, Organic Trade, FDA), and Chromadex Analytical Laboratories in Boulder, Colorado.  Each batch is assayed as true and pure concentrated low-sodium ocean water. It is further analyzed for major minerals, and finally tested for heavy metals and biologicals (fungus, microbes, virus, and bacteria). A certificate of analysis is generated with every lot and batch. It is certified heavy metal, chemical, and biological-free. (no microbes, no heavy metals, no radiolytic compounds and no chemicals).  Bottled in Los Angeles, OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are stored under the same monitored guidelines with certified personnel at CGNP. OmniBlue uses a proprietary solar-powered process with a zero carbon footprint. It is bottled in glass; labels are printed with re-cycled paper and environmentally friendly soy ink.

How to use OmniBlue Ocean Minerals to structure water
OmniBlue provides a balanced blend of salts for structuring water and a smooth rich flavor.  It is one of the best choices for re-mineralizing distilled or reverse osmosis water (water with no minerals). OmniBlue is also a reduced sodium (higher magnesium) salt for those who need to watch sodium intake.   Add 10-20 drops/half gallon of water. (This amount is sufficient to help water hold energetic information and to support water’s structure. For therapeutic dosages and mineral supplementation, refer to product labeling.)


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The major minerals and trace minerals as they exist in ocean water :  

Magnesium 1290   Al in ppm (parts per million)*  

Potassium 392  

Calcium 411  

Bromine 67  

Silicon 2.9  

Boron 4.4  

Beryllium .0000006  

Chromium .0002  

Manganese .0004  

Phosphorus .088  

Ferrum (Iron) .0034  

Cobalt .0066  

Copper .0009  

Zinc .005  

Gallium .00003  

Germanium .00006  

Selenium .0009  

Palladium < .0000025  

Neon .0012  

Argon .45  

Rhubidium .12  

Zirconuim .000026  

Silver .00028  

Indium .00081  

Iodine .064  

Xenon .000047  

Niobium .000015  

Barium .021  

Lanthanum .0000021  

Yttrium .000013  

Cerium .0000012  

Samarium ..00000045  

Gadolinium .0000007  

Europium .0000013  

Rhenium .000084  

Erbium .00000087  

Dysprosium ..00000091  

Holmium .00000022  

Platinum < .00000025  

Gold .000011  

Thulium .00000017  

Lutetium .00000015  


Tungsten .0000025  

Bismuth .00002  

*SOURCE: Monterrey Bay Oceanographic Analysis, Monterrey, California.