October 23, 2020

Dancing with Water Introductory Kit #2

Introductory Kit #2 includes a 3 oz. bag of Prills; 1.5 oz. blue velvet pouch of ANCHI Crystals; 3, 3/4 inch Laminar Crystal Orbs; and instructions for use.   

Bag of Prills


Prills are made of magnesium oxide.  They help water to release old patterns and dense vibratory information. They “loosen” the molecular structure of the water and prepare it for structuring and imprinting. To a limited extent, prills also neutralize a number of toxins in water. The authors of Dancing with Water use prills as a preconditioning treatment for all their water, prior to any other treatment.

Prills  are kiln dried to preserve their integrity. When placed in water, they transfer the frequencies of hydrogen and magnesium to create energized water with exceptional hydrating qualities. They are especially good for remineralizing “empty” (distilled, de-ionized and reverse osmosis) water because they eventually form magnesium bicarbonate in a two-step process:

Step 1: Prills slowly change in water to form magnesium hydroxide: MgO + H2O — Mg(OH)2

Step 2: Empty water naturally attracts carbon dioxide and forms carbonic acid. It is the reason empty water has an acidic pH. When magnesium hydroxide joins with the carbon dioxide in empty water, magnesium bicarbonate forms: Mg(OH)2 + 2CO2 — Mg(HCO3)2

Prills raise the pH and add buffering capacity to water. They also provide a small amount of magnesium in a bio-available form (as magnesium bicarbonate). One 3 oz. bag lasts about 1 year and treats approximately 1000 gallons of water. When you are ready to replace your Prills, empty the old bag into the soil as a soil amendment.


ANCHI Crystals carry some of the Earth’s original life-building patterns. They naturally balance the living electromagnetic field and protect it from detrimental influences. Informal testing with software designed to analyze chakras and energy fields demonstrated that ANCHI Crystals have a balancing effect on the human energy field. Other informal testing using Voice analysis demonstrated the power of ANCHI Crystals to balance the human voice print—to enable the expression of missing tones in the voice.(Missing tones have been correlated with aging and ill health.) ANCHI Crystals were tested at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia and documented to influence the molecular structure of water. Subsequent testing at Penn State University verified these findings. The electromagnetic field surrounding ANCHI Crystals is powerful enough to induce the ormus state in some of the minerals in the water—almost immediately. Each place on Earth has its own geomagnetic field that contains a distinguishing set of characteristics—like a fingerprint. In rare instances, the geomagnetic pattern is so strong that it transfers the characteristics of that site into the minerals of the area. A unique geo-imprint distinguishes ANCHI Crystals from other minerals in the world. The geological site where ANCHI Crystals are found has been dated to be about 1billion 600 million years old. This places their formation at the first stage of Earth’s geological history. (By contrast, the Himalayas are only 55 million years old.) The geological formation represents a community of over 50 different minerals, including tourmalines, mica, lepidolites, topaz, and quartz.


Laminar Crystal Orbs are made by mixing food-safe ceramic clay with special deposits of muscovite mica before firing. The resulting product is similar to the material thought to originally encase the capstone of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It is tuned to gather frequencies that can be held in water and delivered as water is consumed. Laminar Crystal Orbs can store a tremendous amount of energy—the result of millions of layers stacked and resonating together. As one particle discharges, it charges other particles so that the energy continually re-charges the entire matrix. Laminar Crystal Orbs sold by Dancing with Water also include 24-carat edible gold leaf.

The frequencies in laminar crystal bring structure, life force, and hydrogen to water. When placed in or around water, Laminar Crystal Orbs excite individual elements in the water and heighten their energetic potential. Place 3 Laminar Crystal Orbs in a pitcher of water and leave overnight or longer before consumption. Laminar Crystal Orbs are made from special deposits of mica combined with food-safe ceramic clay and augmented with 24-carat gold leaf. Mica is one of the most common laminar minerals. It energizes and amplifies bioelectric fields. Read more about mica. When Laminar Crystal objects are placed in water, they energize the minerals (salts) in water and they amplify the electromagnetic field (life force) around the water itself. Much of the energy emitted by laminar crystal is due to its high concentration of elements in their ormus state. This brings structure, energy, and hydrogen to water.


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