October 23, 2020

The Water Cradle: an egg-shaped, clay vessel made of laminar crystal

The Water Cradle made of laminar crystal

Darkness and the energetic qualities of the womb refine water’s energy. Viktor Schauberger called this refining process “ennoblement.” An important component of Schauberger’s ennoblement process was the placement of water in an egg-shaped vessel. The shape of the egg represents natural harmony, life, birth, and creative potential. Not only does Nature utilize this shape as a gestation vessel, it is also the predominant shape of seeds and grains, thus preserving life force in many forms. Even the human aura is egg shaped.

The shape of the egg is the 3-dimensional geometry of reception. As you can see from the diagram at the right, the egg is a combination of an infinite number of golden ratio spirals. As such, it gathers creative energy from every direction. The shape of the egg is also the essence of the feminine—composed entirely of curves. Within the egg, energy is continually cycling—yet no cycle is the same as it is within a circle.  This allows Nature to “upgrade” or “refine” the creative energy with each cycle. Schauberger referred to the egg as a life-motor, in which “an enveloping, loving, and nurturing motion begins.”

Schauberger emphasized the importance of temperature and darkness during the ennoblement of water. A cool, dark environment gathers and coheres water’s energetic forces—especially when the temperature approaches 4°C (39.2°F). Under these circumstances, water reaches perfect balance and equilibrium. Within a porous, egg-shaped vessel, water’s receptive potential is maximized. Evaporative cooling at the outer edges of a porous, egg-shaped container forces cool water to the bottom; warmer water rises up the center. According to Walter Schauberger (Viktor’s son),  each 600th part of the water that evaporates, cools the contents of the egg by 1°C—eventually approaching a temperature of 4°C.

Besides its shape, the material used in the construction of the egg is equally important. Clay is porous. It allows water to breathe and to evaporate. Evaporative cooling at the outer edges of a clay container enhances circulation as cooler and denser water sinks to the bottom, forcing warmer water to rise up the center. The process ensures constant cooling and continual circulation within the egg. No stagnant area exists. Read more on egg-shaped vessels.

The egg has both a masculine and a feminine pole. The masculine pole is the narrow end; the feminine pole is the broad end. Depending on which end is placed downward, egg-shaped vessels will produce either feminine (yin) water or masculine (yang) water.   Yin water (made in a vessel with the wide end down) is most beneficial for regular drinking. It supports the creative forces of regeneration and healing.  Yang water is ideal for plants. Yang water is also good for periods of cleansing and detoxification.

Why Laminar Crystal?

Laminar Crystal is made of muscovite mica, a crystalline, sheet-like (laminar) formation, combined with ceramic clay. Mica is used in many modern technologies as a capacitor and as an insulator. Lesser known is the fact that mica is tuned to many  frequencies that support life on Earth. Numerous large deposits on the planet help to maintain energetic balance and to continually cleanse the surrounding environment of lower vibratory (negative) energy. When mica is mixed with ceramic clay, it creates a matrix that can be molded to any shape. Firing creates a new material and the clay becomes a part of the crystalline mica matrix. The resulting product is similar to the material originally used in the capstone of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.  On the Earth, mica amplifies many life-supporting frequenciesand radiates them for the benefit of everything in the surrounding area.

Laminar crystal can store a tremendous amount of energy which results from millions of multi-directional layers resonating together. The elements in laminar crystal are maintained in a high spin state referred to as ormus. As one particle discharges, it charges another particle so that the high spin state is maintained. When placed in or around water, laminar crystal objects excite individual elements in water and heighten their energetic potential. Laminar crystal brings structure, life force, and hydrogen to water. It is ideal when used in combination with ocean salts and with ANCHI Crystals. Together, these bring the full-spectrum of life-supporting energies to water.

Muscovite mica flakes

In one form or another, mica is found in many pyramids and ancient towers. This suggests its purpose as an energetic accumulator, radiator, and/or shield. Pyramids and pyramid complexes are also often found in conjunction with underground caverns and tunnels suggesting the flow of water beneath them. Recently, massive caverns have been discovered beneath the entire pyramid complex in Egypt. The flooding of the Nile River each year would have filled these tunnels and supported the generation of massive amounts of energy. Many books have been written on this possibility. Read the article on mica.

The Orgonite Water Cradle base featured in the video below, not only holds the Water Cradle to insure its stability, it also draws in life force and protects the incubating water.


Dancing with Water‘s Water Cradle  combines the golden ratio (within the shape of the egg) with the energetic benefits of laminar crystal (clay and mica). This provides a unique way to refine water’s structure and to enhance its energetic potential.

How to Use the Water Cradle
Fill the Water Cradle with water (it will hold approximately 6.5 cups of water). Add salts as a saturated solution. (Read How to make a saturated salt solution). Cover and let mature for 3 + hours. Within 3 hours water is structured and ready to drink. In 8 hours it has fully matured—it’s full-spectrum living water. The longer it is left, the more refined the water becomes.  Read: Using Egg-Shaped, Clay Vessels to Refine Water’s Energetic Potential.
The Water Cradle is an exclusive from Dancing with Water.  It measures 7.5 inches X 5 inches.  Making two batches a day, it is ideal for 1 person’s daily water needs.

You can also purchase the Water Cradle combo (with Orgonite base, shungite sphere and Tensor ring).

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