September 25, 2020

Life Force Fulvic Acid Mineral Complex (with elite shungite)

Fulvic acids are part of the humic structure in healthy soils. They are organic molecules exuded from aerobic microbes that reside at the tips of roots. These microorganisms release fulvic acids during the breakdown of organic matter. Their purpose is to bind vitamins, minerals and other plant complexes and to make them available for plant uptake. Fulvic acids transform inorganic minerals and metals into organic molecular complexes that plants and humans can recognize.  Read the article about fulvic acids.

The addition of fulvic acids to structured water results in the development of a new structural matrix . It provides abundant life force and the full spectrum of minerals. Structured water and fulvic acids are alive with Nature’s energy.  Fulvic acids are completely soluble in water—even with a full load of minerals. When they are added to water that has been structured with the full complement of salts (minerals in ionized form) they can carry 60 or more different minerals and trace elements as part of their molecular make up. Whenever inorganic minerals (salts) come into contact with fulvic acids in a water medium, they meld into the fulvic acid complex and become bioactive and bio-available.

Fulvic acids increase the availability of all nutrients. They assist every stage of cellular metabolism, restoring electrical balance, providing bio-available minerals, scavenging free radicals, neutralizing toxins and removing heavy metals. They help to create full-spectrum living water at its best.

Humic layer sandwiched between two layers of rock

Humic layer sandwiched between two layers of rock

Fulvic acids in the Life Force Fulvic Mineral Complex are a natural water extract from humic deposits created millions of years ago. They contain an array of naturally-occurring plant nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, and immune-supporting antimicrobials, with the capacity to assimilate the full complement of minerals and carry them into the cellular matrices of the body. In this way inorganic can be absorbed into the organic matrix and made biologically available.

Living organisms (including the human body) cannot process inorganic minerals. They must be bound to carbon complexes in order to be recognized at the cellular level. Fulvic acids are Nature’s way of providing minerals in a biologically-available form—whether in the soil, in plants (food) or in water. Fulvic acids are a natural part of the water in streams and rivers. They are prevalent at the ocean floor. Unfortunately, fulvic acids are removed from water as impurities before water treatment because they combine with chlorine to form toxic by-products called trihalomethanes (THMs). Chlorination destroys Nature’s way of providing minerals in water in an organic (biologically available) form.

Carbon fullerenes are found in the mineral shungite

Carbon fullerenes are found in the mineral shungite

Fulvic acids alone, are an incredible addition to structured water.  However, when they are combined with the carbon/fullerene matrix supplied by the mineral, shungite, the result is magnificent. Fulvic acids are awakened in water, activated with structured water, and potentized by the unique carbon geometry found in shungite. Each bottle contains one small piece of elite shungite to potentize the fulvic acid complex.

Recommended use: add 5-30 drops of Life Force Fulvic Mineral Complex to each ½ gallon of structured water. Not to be used with chlorinated or fluoridated water.

NOTE: Fulvic acids can be very cleansing. Start slowly and if you notice symptoms of cleansing, back off and begin again more slowly.