May 25, 2019

Miron Violet Glass and Flaska Water Bottles

Miron water smallMiron Violet Glass produced in the Netherlands, is unsurpassed for preserving the life force of water and other preparations.  Compared with amber (brown glass), blue, green and clear glass, the deep violet Miron glass provides these benefits:

Protection from light degradation and decay  Sunlight enables plants to grow. However, if plants continue to be exposed to the sun after reaching maturity, the process of decay is accelerated. The same is true of water. Sunlight is energizing (for short periods of time as water moves) but when water is still, prolonged exposure to light eventually begins to degrade water’s crystalline structure.  Miron violet glass works like a natural filter to block the visible spectrum of light, (between 390 and 700 nm) allowing only the violet and infrared rays of the light spectrum to penetrate.   For storage of structured water, the Miron violet glass water bottle is wonderful.

Energizing effects  Tests with water, honey, spirulina and other foods have determined the energizing effects of Miron violet glass.

Beekeepers from Germany showed that the taste and aroma of honey is preserved in Miron glass. Enzymes and other active ingredients do not break down as with other types of storage containers.

Storage tests

miron chivesIn a test, a variety of herbs were stored for 3 months in several types of glass (clear, brown, and Miron violet). They were exposed to the sun for several hours a day. After 2 months, the visible quality change was recorded, and the difference in smell determined in a blind test with volunteers. The illustration shows clearly that the chives stored in brown and clear glass had bleached, while the sample stored in Miron violet glass shows no color change. The smell of the chives stored in Miron glass was also clearly stronger.

Miron tomatoIn another test, a cherry tomato was stored at room temperature under normal light in clear glass and in a Miron violet glass jar. After 7 months, the tomato showed no loss of color or decay.  Microbial changes in the clear glass jar can be clearly seen.

Miron spirolinaThe Institute of Dr. D. Knapp tested different spirulina samples. Fresh tablets were packaged in amber, plastic and Miron violet glass jars, Four weeks later the results were energetically measured. Refer to the images (left).


Miron lightThe visible spectrum of light is blocked when passing through Miron glass as shown in the spectral analysis comparing Miron violet glass to clear glass. Notice how the violet and infrared are the only wavelengths allowed through the glass. Infrared wavelengths are known to resonate with all life forms. They are especially good for preserving water’s structure.


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 Flaska – bottles programmed to structure water

with the Dancing with Water Logo

Flaska programming

Programming Flaska bottles

Flaska (pronounced flash’ka) is a clear glass bottle designed in Slovenia to structure water using resonance technology.  The technology called TPS (technology for programming silicon) is a process that imprints the glass with high frequency vibratory information from Nature.  When placed inside, water develops coherent domains of structured water.  Since glass is a solid, it is capable of holding imprints for a significant period of time.  Flaska bottles are guaranteed to hold their imprint for 4+ years depending on the degree of exposure to electromagnetic fields.  As with any water vessel, electromagnetic radiation from microwaves, cell phones, wi-fi, computers etc. should be avoided.  These forms of electromagnetic radiation will begin to degrade the TPS programming.

Two sizes available

Flaska water bottles are ideal for those who travel. The half liter bottle (10.75 X 2.5 inches) fits easily into a car cup holder. It can also be easily carried in a purse through airport security and filled on the plane or shortly after arrival. The 3/4 liter bottle is slightly longer with wider diameter (12 X 3 inches). The bottle is made of thick, Italian glass for a sturdier, more resilient bottle. It comes with a cork sleeve (sustainably produced) for further protection from minor bumps and falls, and cork lid for no-leak closure. The cork sleeve includes a handy carrying loop and the Dancing with Water logo–a symbol of the partnership between water and humanity that results in a beautiful expression of freedom in motion.

Note: Electromagnetic radiation from microwaves, cell phones, wi-fi, computers etc. will eventually degrade the programming in the glass. To protect programming as long as possible, do not wash your Flaska bottle in a dishwasher or leave it in the vicinity of devices that emit strong electromagnetic radiation (e.g. a working microwave oven, a mobile or wireless phone while turned on, a computer, or fluorescent lighting).

While we do not recommend putting tap water in the Flaska bottle, there is some evidence that water with impurities is made more biologically compatible after an hour or longer in the bottle.
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