September 25, 2020

Vortex Magnetizer

 As its name indicates, the Vortex Magnetizer creates a vortex while water passes through a  field-reversing magnetic array.  Within minutes, it transforms ion-rich water into structured water.

The Vortex Magnetizer is placed between two bottles. Water from the uppermost bottle passes through the opening within a magnetic array of 6 neodymium magnets, causing water dipoles to align/realign. The process creates greater molecular organization and the development of water’s liquid crystalline state.  This simple process (the combination of vortex and reversing magnetic field) is becoming well recognized. Even wine enthusiasts now use magnetic collars to improve the taste of wine.

How does it work?

Water is energized by movement and by turbulence. When water moves, it  naturally spirals, breaking away from each obstacle with a spin (vortex).  Spinning ions (charged particles) within the water create tiny magnetic fields that push other ions away, keeping them separate and more biologically available. As water spirals through the field-reversing array of the Vortex Magnetizer, groupings of unorganized water molecules break apart and realign again and again, generating the repeating matrix known as structured/liquid crystalline water. Each time the water spins through the magnetic array, a greater degree of coherence is established. When the water stops, the geometric pattern (water’s organized molecular structure) remains. A variety of light and sound energies (vibrations) will amplify the structure-generating process. The presence of field-reversing magnetic energy also takes many ormuselements to a higher spin state.

Vortex Magnetizer

Instructions for using the Vortex Magnetizer

  1. Find two bottles with the same thread pattern as the Vortex Magnetizer.*
  2. Fill one bottle 2/3 full of ion-rich drinking water. (Make ion-rich water by adding salts as a saturated salt solution.) Screw on the Vortex Magnetizer. Turn the second bottle upside down and screw it into the top half of the Vortex Magnetizer.
  3. Hold the bottom bottle in place with one hand while gently spinning the top bottle with the other hand. This will create a vortex in the top bottle. Set it down and allow the water to spin through the opening and magnetic array.
  4. Repeat step 3 at least 2 more times, alternating the direction you spin the top bottle (clockwise and counter-clockwise).
  5. Pour the water into a glass or ceramic storage container or drink it right away.
  6. You can further imprint and/or energize your water using any of the methods described on the website or in the book, Dancing with Water. Placement of a Tensor Ring between the bottles creates a greater degree of coherence as the water passes through magnetic and tensor fields.

*Many different plastic bottles  and some glass bottles will work. If you use plastic, you may want to find bottles that are BPA and phthalate-free.  The Vortex Magnetizer sold by Dancing with Water comes with 2 additional silicone rings that fit inside the Vortex Magnetizer.  These create a much better seal so that the device does not leak. It also allows the Vortex Magnetizer to fit a wider array of bottles.