October 23, 2020

The Authors

MJ Pangman

MJ Pangman is a writer and natural scientist who has authored or ghost-written a number of books for doctors, naturopaths and inventors. In the 1990s she became fascinated with water as a vehicle for the transmission of energy and information, and as a conscious participant in the dance of life. Her research and writing of Dancing with Water has allowed her to step into a new relationship with the Earth and with the natural forces that constitute the Web of Life. She is committed to helping others gain a similar appreciation for water’s multi-faceted role in life on this planet. She looks forward to the day when the human race will honor and live in harmonious balance with Mother Earth.

Melanie Evans

Melanie Martin is an intuitive and a healer whose earliest memories are of connecting with the Earth. She remembers being at the ocean as a 3-year-old and of understanding the life force there. She has spent many hours merging with water in a way similar to how Victor Schauberger described merging with water’s consciousness in the Austrian forest. To Melanie, water is a kindred spirit. Working on Dancing with Water, she has been intrigued with the way water carries vibrations and patterns and by how these are enhanced with vortices, magnetic fields, thoughts, and other forms of subtle energy. She can’t wait to have others join her in the “dance” she has always danced with water.