September 25, 2020

The Golden Age of Water — a quote by Michael Flomer

The Twentieth Century belonged to Albert Einstein. The Twenty-first Century (and beyond) belongs to Viktor Schauberger. The end of the Mayan calender is the Beginning of the Golden Age of Water! Without water, Our Universe would be void of all life. The meaning of Life, is to Live. To Live is to Love. Love is the Ocean of Infinite Possibilities. Water is the  universal medium that makes all things possible. When we embrace hatred, we defile the very foundation and sanctity of Love and Life, and our world becomes a desolate wasteland. So embrace water as you would a newborn child. When we extend our hand for a glass of the refreshing Waters of Life we are asking our Beloved, “May I have this Dance?—Michael Flomer


Thank you, Michael for this poetic expression of love for water!

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