September 25, 2020

The New Science is Older than the Earth Herself

The book, Dancing with Water discusses the New Science of Water, but what is “New Science?” The term, New Science, as it is used on this website, is really a very Old Science, more ancient than the Earth herself. It encompasses a path of wisdom that works in harmonious balance with the natural systems of the Earth. The New Sciences evolving at this time acknowledge the living nature of Mother Earth—the knowledge that the Earth is an integrated whole, a complex, self-regulating system that is, in fact, a part of an even larger cosmic “whole.”

Our current technology has evolved in isolation from this ancient, Old Science. As such, it is an artificial world that forces us to exist outside the web of life. The consequences of this are evident everywhere.  Also evident are signs that this artificial reality is slowly falling apart—giving way to the New Science—and making it possible to come full circle back into harmonious balance with Mother Nature and the web of life.

If you are interested in joining us for our quarterly, global meditations to help heal the Earth and her water,  visit this link.


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