October 23, 2020

The New Science of Water

What is the New Science of Water?

For thousands of years, inquiring minds have asked the question, What is Life?  . . . and for the longest time, science has focused on gathering all the right elements and on placing them under the right circumstances to initiate life. To a certain extent, elements and circumstances are important, but recent discoveries indicate that only when the elements become organized do they sustain the flow of energy and the flow of information necessary for the existence of life. This type of organization refers to molecular organization like that found in crystals—repeating geometric patterns that are able to amplify and to conduct signals. Crystals are the reason radio communication completely changed in the 1940’s as “crystal radio technology” came into being. It is why we still use crystals in our solid state technologies today. The molecular organization of crystals facilitates the flow of energy and information.

Many tissues and cellular components have now been identified as liquid crystals. They sustain the flow of energy and at the same time, the flow of energy sustains the liquid crystalline state.  Dr. Mae-Wan Ho describes this interplay in her widely acclaimed book, The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms (not recommended for the lay reader). Quantum biologists and quantum physicists have begun to discover evidence such that life itself can be defined in terms of an organism’s ability to maintain the liquid crystalline state.

The New Science of Water is all about the liquid crystalline phase of water. It is about water’s molecular organization which defines its ability to carry signals and other information. The New Science of Water is also about how liquid crystalline water affects health, healing, and consciousness.

Join us in the “dance” as we explore the New Science of Water.   More..

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