September 25, 2020

Healing Earth’s water with Gratitude

For thousands of years, humans have received life force and healing from Earth’s waters. At this time in our history, the Earth’s water needs our assistance. It is time to give back;  gratitude is perhaps the best way there is.  Just like the human race heals one individual at a time, the Earth’s water heals one drop, one glass, one river at a time. Next time you have a glass of water, hold it to your heart and give thanks. This imprints the water with the energy of your grateful heart. It is very healing for the water and for the individual who drinks the water. Before you drink, pour a bit of this water into a larger body of water – a lake, a river, or a pond. You would be surprised at the impact this simple exercise can have. The impact would be huge if many people participated on a regular basis.

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