September 19, 2017


Dive in!  . . . and splash around!   Enjoy a refreshing dip in the New Science of Water!

The Second Edition of Dancing with Water is now available!


MJ Pangman answers the question: What is the New Science of Water?

Dancing with Water will help you understand the New Science of Water and it will provide you with the tools so  you can create full-spectrum, living water . . . in your own home.

Despite the fact that tap water is still more or less free, people are increasingly willing to pay top dollar to get water that is filtered, purified, structured, ionized, enhanced with minerals, etc.  Yet people everywhere are still asking one basic question:

What is the best  water?

Dancing with Water will help you answer this basic question. It  includes information on:

  • The New Science regarding water’s liquid crystalline molecular structure. Watch the video
  • Instructions for making full-spectrum, living water.
  • Details for how to use water as a healing modality.
  • Information on how to bring the life back to the water on planet Earth.
  • Much more…

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who has shown us the power of our thoughts for making changes to water, said:

“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature and life itself.”

Water is the key to connecting to all that is  . . . and to all that we are. 


Join us in the “dance with water” and be one of the first to switch from  water  to  full-spectrum, living water  and  to step into life at a whole new level.




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