September 25, 2020

About the Book

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Dancing with Water  – Second edition (published Feb 2017) is an engaging and well-referenced guide designed for everyone (professional and nonprofessional) interested in understanding and revitalizing their water. It accomplishes what no other book has attempted—a blend of traditional science with spiritual wisdom for our evolving planet. Dancing with Water introduces the New Science of Water, leading the way to a more complete understanding of water’s liquid crystalline phase and of its biological significance.


Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water is a monumental step forward in available literature on water. While satisfying the need for a scientific foundation, the authors have produced a compelling treatise for any reader who is truly interested in understanding the depth of their relationship with water. What do the authors mean when they refer to the “New Science of Water?” The book explains many of water’s unique properties by examining its liquid crystalline structure. But don’t worry . . . the authors have kept the lay reader in mind as they explain complex subjects in easy-to-understand language.

Dancing with Water is the long-needed reference, providing credibility for many ideas and practices that have long been viewed with skepticism. It discusses the memory-retentive ability of liquid crystalline water; also its ability to transmit energy and information. The book provides insight into the effects of electromagnetic fields, crystals, salts, and the importance of hydrogen and other gases in water. But the true beauty of Dancing with Water is reflected in its format, and in its gracefully delivery, much like water itself. It is a guide intended to educate and enlighten the reader, but it is much more. Part I lays the foundation and the scientific basis. Part II provides instructions so that anyone can naturally, treat, structure, energize, and revitalize their water.

Dancing with Water will open your eyes and it will introduce you to your partner in life. Then it will take you to the dance floor and show you the steps to the dance. Whether you are a water enthusiast, a health practitioner, a scientist, or a lover of the natural sciences, Dancing with Water will touch your heart and it will guide you as you enter a unique and inspiring new relationship with water.

Table of Contents to the second edition:

Part I—Getting to Know Your Dance Partner
1 New Sciences and the Liquid Crystalline Structure of Water
2 Balance, Polarity, and Cycles: Full-Spectrum Living Water
3 Vortices and Spirals
4 The Ocean and Salt
5 Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide
6 Geometry
7 The Influence of Light
8 The Influences of Sound and Vibration
9 The Influences of Magnetism and Electricity
10 Stillness: Nature’s Meditation
Part II—Let the Dance Begin
11 Selecting a Source of Water: Filtration and Purification
12 How to Structure Your Water
13 Remineralizing and Reconditioning Purified (Empty) Water
14 How to Add “Information” to Water
15 Therapeutic Water
16 Treating the Water for Your Whole Home and Garden
17 The Dance with Water: What to Expect
Forest Bath: A Guided Meditation
Appendix A
Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV): Quantifying the Photonic Energy in Living Systems and Its Applications with Water
Appendix B
The Electrolysis of Water: Water Ionizers and Alkaline Ionized Water 255
Appendix C
Deuterium-depleted Water


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Praise for Dancing with Water:

“This book is a must read for everyone interested both in modern science and in their own health. We are coming to a new understanding of water, not just as a source of vitality and life, but as life itself. This vision is supported by a new set of scientific data which we find referenced in the book. What is equally important is the fact that it is written in simple, understandable language that allows the reader to feel the flavor of the modern research atmosphere. Another important aspect of the book is found in its practical applications. Dancing with Water is a very important and useful guide both for professionals and all interested people.”— Konstantin Korotkov, PhD., Professor at St. Petersburg University of Informational Technology, Mechanics and Optics.

“In many ways, the New Science of water is not just about scientific progress, it is also about the evolution of important concepts and a new philosophy of science that allows new concepts to become mature scientific platforms able to surpass outdated theories. In the second edition of Dancing with Water, the authors successfully present important discoveries from the frontiers of modern science revealing how water’s interaction with natural forces can change its structural geometry. Written in simple and understandable language, this book is highly recommended for those interested in the emerging new science of water.” — Adam B. Dorfman, founder of Concept Evolution magazine.

“The new renaissance in our understanding of water is guiding us to radically rethink our outdated perceptions of water’s role in the physical body, and in fact, throughout the entire cosmos. Dancing with Water pioneers this renaissance, emphasizing our existence as water-based beings and our connection with the cosmos through water’s living matrix. Not only does the book provide the background for understanding this elegant and mysterious substance, it teaches us how to honor and respect it as we return its natural life-giving properties. The first edition of Dancing with Water has been a companion of mine for years. It has been the first book I recommended to anyone for gaining an overview of water’s essence – everthing from the latest science to the spiritual aspects of this essential substance. Now, with the second edition, the authors update the science and deepen their commitment to help each reader develop a personal relationship with water, and to enter into the dance of life with a new perspective. A fabulous read for scientists, health practitioners, and anyone interested in the true nature of water and themselves.” — Matt Thornton, Director; Emoto Peace project, United Kingdom and Ireland.

“Dancing with Water reveals both the sacredness and the complexity of water in a unique blend of science and spirit where the authors engage the reader in the ultimate “Dance with Water”.  From life’s beginnings in the ocean to the geometries that sustain life, learn how water dances with all the elements and the fundamental forces of nature. Written for the lay person yet documented for the scientific community, this book is a must if you are looking to gain insight into the mysteries and therapeutic properties of water.” — Karen Elkins, publisher, Science to Sage magazine.

“The real beauty of Dancing with Water lies in its thoroughness and depth. This “outside the box” treatment of H2O comes highly recommended for all healthcare professionals in both the allopathic and holistic realms as a sort of Water Desk Reference. Every health-oriented individual stands to benefit greatly from understanding and putting into practice the many powerful and efficacious protocols described with such simplicity.” — Tom Termotto, BCIM, DCAE, Integrative Health Consultant, Wholistic Health Solutions Tallahassee, FL

“I have absolutely, thoroughly fallen in love with your book, Dancing with Water. It has certainly and positively changed my life in the short time since I have begun doing some of the things suggested. I am so thankful someone has put all this together in such a well researched and well referenced, easy-to-read book. Thank you!”
— George Ainsworth



Water knows the dance, she simply needs supportive partners who understand what to do. Water is asking:

“May I have this Dance?”