September 25, 2020

Salt and full-spectrum Living Water

Salts are essential for the maintenance of life. For water, they provide the energetic spark that helps conduct energy and information. Most people are aware that distilled or demineralized water does not conduct energy/electricity. However, the mineral-rich saline environment provides an optimum medium for the transmission of energy and information. Salts are also essential in the creation and maintenance of water’s liquid crystalline state.  They are indispensible for the creation of full-spectrum living water

Water without salts is empty—incomplete.  That’s why distilled and reverse osmosis water are said to be “dead.”  They lack the minerals that help water to hold energy. Without salts, water is also aggressive. In order to become balanced, it draws minerals from anywhere it can. In Nature, water continually gathers and releases salts in an endless give and take that provides energy and minerals for all life on Earth.

In this discussion, we are not talking about “table salt”—the heated, processed, and isolated sodium chloride sold in grocery stores. Table salt has been stripped of many balancing components. It is a skeleton of the natural, unprocessed salt supplied by Mother Nature. While table salt contains sodium chloride (and anti-caking agents), unprocessed, natural salt contains all the natural elements—in the same proportions that are in the ocean. It is the “salts” in the ocean and within the human body that contribute to water’s ability to exchange energetic information.

Salt in the Ocean
The ocean is a dynamic, living crystal continually exchanging energy and information with its surroundings. The fluids within the human body (lymph, blood plasma, and extracellular fluid) are very much like the ocean.  In fact, comparisons between them are almost identical. Diluted ocean water is so similar to mammalian blood plasma that it has been used successfully in animal tests as a blood plasma substitute.

Mother Nature provided salt as the means for her land creatures to maintain electrolytic balance.  Most electrolyte (saline) solutions and sports drinks that are intended to replenish and re-balance electrolytes are grossly deficient. They supply a few minerals without the full complement found in unprocessed salt. Dissolving a bit of unprocessed salt in water is far superior to the man-made solutions intended to re-establish balance following exercise, sickness, or detoxification.

Salts occur as combinations of acidic and alkaline ions. A positively-charged alkaline ion combines with a negatively-charged acidic ion in the formation of a new compound. Salts can combine in a nearly endless number of combinations found in the ocean and within our bodies. When placed in water, unprocessed salt dissociates creating a balance of alkaline and acidic ions in the water. During the structuring of water, salts break down into  ions that can be held within the structure of the water. Larger colloids will eventually fall out of structured water because they are too large to fit into water’s organized molecular matrix.

Adding salts to water
The addition of unprocessed salt invigorates water. It helps water to hold its structure and to hold programs (information). Even if water already has minerals, it can usually be enhanced with the addition of the full complement of minerals in unprocessed salt. Salts are best added to water in an energized solution rather than in their solid or granular form. When salts are in solution prior to their addition to water, the water acquires structure more rapidly than if the salts have to dissolve first. The resulting water also has a smoother, softer taste.

There are numerous salts and salt solutions on the market that can be used in the preparation of full-spectrum living water.  The authors of Dancing with Water particularly like Bamboo salt for its splendid flavor and therapeutic benefits and  OmniBlue Ocean Minerals for its exceptionally smooth taste and full spectrum of ocean minerals. You can also make your own saturated salt solutions for structuring water using unprocessed natural salts available from many natural products stores. It is a good idea to occasionally vary the salt solutions you use so that you get a variety of salts from around the world.

Dancing with Water has gathered a unique blend of unprocessed salts.  The blend includes seven salts: Himalayan Pink Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, Hawaiian Sea Salt, French Grey Salt, Korean Sea Salt, Redmond Real Salt, and a small amount of Bamboo salt. It has an abundance of ormus elements, so you can use it to structure/enhance your water. Read more about the Activated Salt Blend.

How to Make and Use a Saturated Salt Solution
To make a saturated salt solution from natural, unprocessed salt, dissolve 1 part salt in 3 parts of filtered or spring water. Stir and allow the water to sit for 24 hours or longer.  It does not matter if undissolved salt remains in the bottom of the container. Use the liquid from the top when you add it to your water or pour off the clear dissolved solution to store it. Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the salt solution to each ½ gallon of water (depending on the amount of minerals already in your water) before you structure it.  The amount to use also depends on how the water will be used.  If the water will be consumed during exercise or during a sauna or similar, add more salt solution.

Salts are indispensable for the creation of full-spectrum living water.

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