April 28, 2017

Using an Egg-Shaped Water Vessel

The egg is a primordial structure. It is Nature’s gestation vessel. A womb, many seeds, and most eggs all have the same fundamental shape based on the geometric pattern established in the Golden Mean. As discussed in Chapter 3 of Dancing with Water, the Golden Mean spiral is the expression of the energy of creation. It is found everywhere in the realm of things that grow and unfold in steps—from the pattern of the seeds in a sunflower, to the spiraling pattern of a pine cone, a sea shell, or a galaxy. The Golden Mean, also referred to as the Divine Proportion, appears clearly and regularly in all living things.

Golden Mean SpiralSunflower showing Golden Mean SpiralsNotice that the Golden Mean spiral can be contained within a series of squares, yet the overall image is encompassed in a rectangle. Comparing the measurement of the long and short sides of the rectangle, reveals the Divine Proportion (1.618…).  Curved lines within each square are perfect quarter circles; the pattern creates a diminishing spiral.


The shape of the egg is the 3-dimensional geometry of reception. It is “tuned” to the harmonics of reception and creativity.  As you can see from the diagram, the egg is a combination of an infinite number of Golden Mean spirals. As such, it gathers creative energy from every direction in the cosmos. The shape of the egg is also the essence of the feminine—composed entirely of curves. Within the egg, energy is continually cycling—yet no cycle is the same as it is within a circle.  This allows Nature to “upgrade” or “refine” the creative energy with each cycle (see Chapter 2 of Dancing with Water).  Each egg shape in nature is a variation of the same “theme.”  Some eggs are longer or shorter, thinner or fatter than others. Variations allow each egg to bring in the specific creative frequencies necessary for the development of a variety of different species.

Using an egg-shaped clay vesel
Many cultures (ancient and modern) have used egg-shaped vessels for storing seeds, food and water. Using an egg-shaped vessel allows you to enter a new realm in your dance with water. When the shape of the egg is combined with a clay vessel, the dance takes on a life of its own—literally.  Within a clay, egg-shaped vessel, water’s receptive potential is maximized. It reaches its most refined energetic state in perfect balance and equilibrium. This is because clay allows water to breathe—which keeps water cool. Cool, dense water at the outer edges of an egg-shaped clay container sinks to the bottom, forcing warmer water to rise up the center. The process ensures constant cooling and it enhances the continual circulation of energy. No stagnant area exists.  As water circulates, molecules assume a tightly packed, refined, crystalline network while gasses become latent. Hydrogen retreats into the molecular cages formed as water becomes a liquid crystal (see Chapter 6 of Dancing with Water).

Evaporative cooling at the outer edges of a porous, egg-shaped container forces cool water to the bottom; warmer water rises up the center. This process supports the continual movement of the water.

The egg has both a masculine and a feminine pole. The masculine pole is the narrow end; the feminine pole is the broad end. Depending on which end is placed downward, egg-shaped vessels will produce either feminine (Yin) water or masculine (Yang) water.  Yin water is most beneficial for regular drinking. It supports the creative forces of regeneration and healing. Yang water is ideal for plants. Yang water is also good for periods of cleansing and detoxification.

A clay container should be left outside in the sun and the moon for several days before using it for water refinement and storage. The sun has a cleansing effect on the clay while the influence of the moon is regenerative. The energy of the full moon and the new moon are wonderful for “charging” a clay container before use as a water refinement vessel. Leave it, undisturbed, in the full sun and underneath the full night sky for at least 2 complete day/night cycles. Clay vessels should be cleansed every few months by removing mineral deposits with a bit of dilute vinegar and a soft brush and by placing them in the direct energy of the sun and moon.

Although a clay egg will structure and refine water—even cleanse it with time—the process will proceed more rapidly if you use one of the methods mentioned in the book to structure the water first. Add salts (see Chapters 4 and 11 of Dancing with Water), to filtered or purified water; stir or vortex the water to give it basic structure; then place it in the egg-shaped container. Cover and leave the water-filled egg in a quiet location away from electromagnetic fields and high traffic. The longer it is left, the more refined the water becomes and the more etheric energy it is able to hold. Refined water is extremely programmable during and after placement in a container that incorporates Golden Mean proportions . Keep these containers away from negative energy and negative emotional input. Several ways to help protect the water during and after this process are:

• Placement of the egg within a Tensor Ring. Best way

• Placement of a triskelion underneath, on top of, or around the egg.

• Placement of salt candles (candles inside a large piece of raw, unprocessed salt) around the egg . . . or regular misting of a salt block near the egg.

• Placement of shungite, obsidian, smoky quartz, amber, coral, or other protective stones around the egg.

Each of the above methods releases negative ions which can neutralize toxic energetic influences.

Input during Gestation
As a culture, we are becoming more aware of the influence of the environment on a developing fetus. Mothers are now encouraged to send positive, loving thoughts to their babies during pregnancy—to talk to them and to sing to them. Many stories have been told about children and adults remembering music or events that occurred when they were in the womb. In a similar way, the water within an egg-shaped vessel is a developing entity. While it is in the egg, water is more receptive than at any other time. This is a perfect opportunity to program your water using any of the methods mentioned in Chapter 12 of Dancing with Water. Singing to the water or playing healing music during this time is very powerful.  This process may ultimately create some of the most potent medicine ever conceived. In the summer, you may want to experiment with placing an egg-shaped vessel outdoors where it can pick up the harmonious vibrations and frequencies of Nature (birds, insects, the wind, the resonance of the Earth, etc.). Thes are just some of the ways to use an egg-shaped vessel.

Purchasing an egg-shaped container

Orgonite WC holder w_ ring & shungite smallThere are a number of egg-shaped, clay containers on the market. However, most of them have been designed so the narrow end points downward.  This produces Yang water – not recommended for regular drinking. The authors of Dancing with Water have developed an exclusive container incorporating the shape of the egg with the benefits of clay and laminar crystal. It is called the Water Cradle. Making 2 batches of water a day,  is sufficient for 1 person’s daily water needs. Watch the video on how to use the Water Cradle.

Purchase the Water Cradle

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