September 25, 2020

Water as Medicine

Dr. Batmanghelidj

When the Iranian Revolution broke out in 1979, a doctor by the name of Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was taken as a political prisoner for over two years. As is often the case, adversity was the doorway to an amazing discovery. One evening, the doctor was called to assist a fellow prisoner who was experiencing excruciating pain due to a peptic ulcer. With no medications available, Dr. Batmanghelidj gave the man two glasses of water. To everyone’s surprise, and within a few minutes, the man’s pain completely subsided. By continuing to drink more water, the man was free of pain for the four remaining months of his prison sentence.

With time on his hands and with numerous subjects, Dr. Batmanghelidj found himself in a position to conduct extensive research on the medicinal effects of water for the prevention and relief of many stress-induced conditions. With water alone, he treated his fellow prisoners who suffered from ulcers and other degenerative diseases. When the time came for his trial and execution, Dr. Batmanghelidj presented the judge with a paper he had written on water as a treatment for peptic ulcers. His life was spared so that he could continue his research. His original work was eventually published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. This opened the way for further research which he eventually conducted in the U.S after his release from prison and following his escape from Iran.

Dr. Batmanghelidj’s research and the publication of numerous papers and books, initiated a paradigm shift in our modern understanding of water’s role in health and vitality. His simple statement, “You are not sick, you are thirsty!”  has become the basis for a significant change in our thinking and it has become the impetus for an even greater understanding of the life force—and indeed the lifeblood of the Earth—water.  We owe a great debt to Dr. Batman (a nickname). He is every bit the hero as the original Batman in comic books. Read the Batmanghelidj lecture 2003 to the Government Health Forum.

Linus Pauling


Albert Szent Gyorgyi


Mu Shik Jhon


Jacques Benveniste


Rustum Roy

Many renowned scientists have predicted that water would become the medicine of the future. These individuals include Nobel prize winners (Albert Szent Györgyi and LinusPauling), as well as other more contemporary scientists (Mu Shik Jhon, Jacques Benveniste, and Rustum Roy). Each of these scientists has had an interest, not just in water, but in the molecular structure of water. Dr. Szent Györgyi said: “Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of life, the person who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world.”

The only way many of the properties of water can be explained is by understanding that water has a distinctive molecular structure—a repeating molecular pattern that is induced under unique circumstances. These special circumstances allow water to form a liquid crystal. Liquid crystals are a special phase of matter with orientational order. Like solid crystals, they are extremely efficient at transferring signals; the geometrically-repeating pattern provides a pathway for the efficient flow of energy and information. Yet, liquid crystals have significantly greater versatility than solid crystals because they are flexible and more responsive.

Gerald Pollack

Dr. Gerald Pollack, professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington has provided an enormity of evidence for water’s liquid crystalline state. His research has demonstrated huge (up to one meter in length) zones of crystalline water with a number of unique measurable characteristics including: molecular alignment, a negative electrical charge, greater viscosity, and an enhanced ability to absorb certain spectra of light. He and others have provided evidence that the liquid crystalline phase of water is more common than previously thought and that it is intimately connected with the generation and the preservation of life. His new book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid Vapor, is brilliant.

Much of the water in a healthy human body is in a liquid crystalline state. Many components of the body are also considered to be liquid crystals, including collagen and cell membranes. These tissues work cooperatively with water to create an informational network that reaches to every cell. The liquid crystalline organization of water accounts for the near instantaneous transfer of signals and other biological information within the human body.

Water’s liquid crystalline organization is based on tetrahedral geometry where oxygen atoms form the center of each tetrahedron. Under the right circumstances, tetrahedrons link to form a repeating hexagonal pattern. This is the reason that crystalline water has often been referred to as hexagonal water.  Quartz has as similar molecular structure to water, with the same geometric patterns. It may be the reason water is capable of amplifying and carrying signals—at lightning speed—similar to the way quartz crystals amplify and convey information in computers and in other quartz technologies.

We have been aware for some time that healthy DNA is surrounded by liquid crystalline water. This water is responsible for the DNA’s stability. It is also responsible for supporting the electromagnetic field surrounding DNA. Water’s crystalline matrix, with its helical channels may play another (as yet unrecognized), role next to the helical strands of the DNA. We know that as water loses its structure, the integrity of the DNA is compromised. Youthful DNA, surrounded by highly structured water has a much stronger electromagnetic field than DNA from older individuals. Given this information, it is easy to understand why structured water has been considered by some to be the key to life and why it may also be a key to longevity.

The Korean scientist, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon was the one who coined the term “hexagonal” water. He was also one of the first to demonstrate that drinking structured water could make a difference in health. His early work demonstrated that consuming hexagonal water increased the efficiency of some metabolic processes. Dr. Jhon also analyzed the DNA of cancer and diabetic patients and found that the water around the DNA was less structured than around the DNA of healthy individuals. His theory, referred to as the Molecular Water Environment Theory proposed:

Replenishing the hexagonal water in the human body can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease.

Today, our understanding of water goes beyond Dr. Batmanghelidj’s admonition to drink more water. It goes beyond Dr. Jhon’s encouragement to drink structured water. Today, we can also take advantage of the fact that water can carry information into our bodies. In fact, water can carry patterns that will change the way our cells respond. In this way, water literally has the capacity to be medicine—without the consequences of drugs or surgery.

Mainstream science still holds tightly to the antiquated perspective that chemical compounds must be present in water to influence biological functions. Yet it is well known that biological structures change physical properties more than chemical compounds do. This is illustrated by the fact that proteins are inactive unless they are folded in exactly the right way. Their structure, not their chemistry, determines their activity. When water is structured, it not only has a greater capacity to store information but it also has the infrastructure to deliver messages with greater speed and accuracy. A growing body of scientific evidence confirms water’s role as an accumulator, transmitter, and transducer of energy.

Some modern scientists, including Rustum Roy who was considered during his lifetime to be the world’s leading authority on the structure of water, now believe that it is the structure and not the composition of water that is responsible for many of its unique effects. According to Dr. Roy, “Molecular structure is the alphabet of water; with it you can create sentences that contain a variety of information.” In the documentary film Water, Dr. Roy explains: “Water may be the single most malleable computer.”

Water as an information carrier
In 2003, a Swiss physicist, Louis Rey, published experiments using a relatively new technique called thermoluminescence. In his experiments, when two different substances, known to reduce hydrogen bonding to different degrees, were placed in water and diluted to the point where none of the original substances remained, the hydrogen bonding was correspondingly reduced or eliminated as though the water still contained these materials. This suggests that structural patterns in the water retained the information from the original substance and that they were able to convey the information to cells.

Earlier experiments conducted by the French scientist, Jacques Benveniste, showed that when a known allergen was diluted in water until none of the allergen existed in the sample—the water still consistently triggered an allergic reaction when added to living cells. After Dr. Benveniste’s initial discovery, he conducted experiments revealing that a molecule at a normally active concentration did not function in a medium without water. Further, he demonstrated that simply adding water was not enough to restore its biological activity. The water had to be organized or structured. The way he did this in his experiments was by vortexing it. In other words, the structure of the water (accomplished by vortexing), amplified signals enough to induce biological activity in his experiments.

The power of water’s memory
There is great power in accessing and utilizing water’s information-carrying ability. This characteristic of water has been referred to as water’s memory. Health professionals representing many different disciplines routinely create and prescribe water remedies made using devices invented to deliver high-frequency vibrational information to water which is held within the structure of the water. These vibrational water remedies are known as homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, flower essences, gem elixirs, etc. Many of these remedies improve performance; they balance chakras, support organ function, increase energy, support immune function, and much more. Even vitamin formulas can be provided as vibrations and/or microdoses in water with amazing results. These are literally water medicines and they require that the water be structured in order to work.

For many years, proponents of homeopathy have structured water by shaking it. When making homeopathic remedies, solutions are diluted again and again, shaking or “succussing” each dilution before diluting it again. The key to the success of this process is in the shaking of the water. Turbulence creates tiny vortices in water. In homeopathic dilutions, the water contains no actual molecules of the original substance, yet it carries the all-important information housed in structural patterns within the water. There is no doubt that turbulence produces a degree of structure in water and that turbulence helps to communicate the information responsible for creating a unique structural matrix.

Structured water in nature
Structure can also be induced in water with sound frequencies and with magnetic fields. Nature uses a combination of methods to structure water. When magnetic fields, turbulence, and ionic minerals are present in and around water, the result is stabilization of water’s molecular structure which is capable of holding informational patterns for a very long time. Light frequencies (sun, moon, and stars), and the sounds of nature (crickets, birds, dolphins etc.), bring the full complement of healthy frequencies to water in its natural setting. The authors of Dancing with Water have referred to this as full-spectrum living water–the ideal for human consumption.

Structured water is the canvas on which informational patterns can be imprinted. Nature uses movement (turbulence/vortices), and the incorporation of minerals and gasses to create a stabilized canvas on which to incorporate the full spectrum of life-giving frequencies. When we use these same elements, it is easy to give the structure and the life force back to the water we drink.

Nature uses water to deliver healthful information to all her creatures. Water was intended to carry the vibrations of the Earth and of the cosmos which scientists have determined are necessary if we are to remain in harmony and balance. Water literally has the capacity to keep us “in tune. ” In a similar way, we can use water to carry individualized information—our own perfect medicine to support us with unique health challenges. This is the water medicine that many scientists have predicted. Today, it is a reality—and it is not difficult to make or to incorporate in a daily routine. The book, Dancing with Water (now in its second edition) gathers the science and it includes many ideas for creating powerful, personalized water remedies.



  1. I find it odd that Dr Pollack underscores infrared radiation as one of the wavelengths that can create EZ water. Boiling water is introducing heat into water but that you suggest destructures water?

    • Infrared radiation (IR) is radiant heat. It is one of the three ways heat is transferred from one place to another, the other two being convection and conduction – which are the two ways involved in boiling water. Everything with a temperature above about 5 degrees Kelvin (minus 450 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 268 degrees Celsius) emits IR, so it is not about “heat” in the way that heat is generally perceived. IR is radiated for many hours from the wall of a building (even the inside) that has been exposed to the sun and it does not have to be “hot” to emit IR. IR wavelengths will structure water in the dark – at room temperature because the water is continually receiving IR from the environment. On the other hand, boiling water creates kinetic motion among the molecules; this separates them (as a precursor to evaporation) and less structure within the water matrix is possible under these circumstances.

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