October 23, 2020

What is Full-Spectrum, Living Water?

For thousands of years people have made reference to living water. It has spiritual as well as philosophical and scientific connotations. The fact that the term has survived so many generations is an indication of deeper significance. It implies there is living water AND that there is something other than living water. Can water lose its life?  If so, can the life be returned to water?  These are powerful questions that deserve more than philosophical answers.

Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water is an investigation into water’s liquid crystalline phase where water molecules exist in a repeating geometric array similar to the molecular pattern found in a solid crystal. Although the molecules remain independently mobile, they respond as a coherent “whole.” This is living water–an organized network that responds to its environment carrying signals and supportive vibratory information to the life forms it supports.

Living water has existed on Earth for millions of years. As the foundation of life, it is one of Mother Earth’s finest creations. But the degree to which water can support life depends on the degree of life force in the water. Water can be vibrantly alive or it can be barely alive, just like the inhabitants of the Earth. Although much of the water on the planet today has been mistreated to the point that its life hangs by a drop, understanding a few simple concepts can return water’s life force. The first step is to restore the liquid crystalline network. Then, the addition of frequencies/information completes the task.

The term, full-spectrum living water is a phrase used by the authors of Dancing with Water to refer to living water that carries the full spectrum of life supporting frequencies. Several factors contribute to the overall process.

1.       Movement or turbulence – which creates vortices.

2.       Some form of gentle, organizing energy (this can be supplied by magnets, paramagnetic materials, infrared light, sound/vibration, some geometric shapes and many methods of concentrating life force (for example, orgone energy devices).

3.       Mineral ions (salts) – these anchor the life force in water and help water to hold vibratory information.

4.       Stillness  — a period following movement during which water develops coherence.

5.       Vibratory information — frequency-based input, including the very important resonance of the Earth.

When these elements come together (and they can do so in many ways) water becomes a living, liquid crystal with the full spectrum of life supporting enhancements. The process is outlined in the book, Dancing with Water, with instructions for providing these elements in such a way that they result in full-spectrum living water—Earth’s finest gift—water that supports life to its fullest.